The Exec is proud to present A Cinematic Running Guide. We break down all the elements required to make sure the running in your film is up to speed. A Cinematic Running Guide is presented in proud association with NIKE. NIKE, just fucking do it already.

A Cinematic Running Guide, Nay A History

Since the burgeoning cinema at the start of the 20th Century, film makers have captured running in all its forms. From Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, men, women and children have run on screen. Sometimes towards the camera, sometimes away and sometimes they even ran across the shot. Cinema audiences around the world have been thrilled in whichever direction people could run in films.


With the introduction of sound, running in movies became an even more immersive experience. Hollywood film makers such as Hitchcock used it to great effect in action sequences. Take North By Northwest, Hitchcock uses running towards camera AND away from a fucking plane to create an iconic scene. Without running, this scene would have been dog shit.

It’s All About The Running

Take Tony Richardson’s run-fest, The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner. It came just three years after North By Northwest, but already running is in the title and features heavily as a plot device and arty-farty metaphor. Ok Tony, you went to Oxford, we get it already, jeez!

But Where’s The Chariot?

Fast forward to the early 80s and running is now the entire narrative in Hugh Hudson’s Oscar winning Chariots Of Fire. But audiences were left confused because there were no chariots to be seen anywhere. What’s wrong with these crazy Brits?

Blockbuster Running

With boxing underdog movie Rocky, Sylvester Stallone took running to new, heroic heights. Sly continued to fly the flag for heroic running (mainly toward camera but away from the exploding whatever) in films as diverse as First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and the inexplicably titled Rambo III. There was no Rambo II. What the fuck Sly?

Nice Try Arnie

Other blockbuster action stars tried to get in on the running, but with less success. Arnold Schwarzenegger tried with a bit of running in Conan The Barbarian. But this was mainly across the shot, which was proven to be the least effective. He even tried using running in one of his titles, The Running Man. But all anyone remembers about that film is how piss poor Mic Fleetwood was in it. I’ll be back? Nah, you’re ok man. Stay where you are.

The Running King

And now we come to the undisputed king of running in movies: Tom Cruise. Cruise tried his hand at ‘acting’ in films such as The Color Of Money, Rain Man and Born On The Fourth Of July. But he found his little running feet in The Firm. Here, Cruise discovered he could thrill audiences the world over just by sprinting towards the camera and away from scary, cuddly uncle Wilford Brimley. But he really got up to pace three years later with Brian De Palma’s Mission Impossible. The legendary scene where Tom leaps away from exploding chewing gum on a fish tank is an all time running classic. The invention and the daring to not only run toward the camera and away from the water, but in slow-mo and then under the camera is ground-breaking. I mean… shit the bed shivers up my spine.

Running The Show

Since then, Cruise has gone from strength to strength. He can run on sand, on roads, rooves, through windows and even under water. He continues to thrill and astound audiences with his running. Hardly anyone has noticed he really can’t act. And he owes it all to running. Go figure.


HOLLYWOOD – Luca Guadagnino’s new film Scarface gets its first picture.

News of Luca Guadagnino’s new version of Scarface hit the internets and excited much comment. Taken from a script by the Coen Brothers, Guadagnino’s film looks set to take on the iconic Brian De Palma version which starred Al Pacino.

We spoke with Luca yesterday and asked him what it was going to be like:

It’s going to be fantastico. Ecco the first picture from the film.

Can we publish this?

Certo. Of course. The new film will go back in time. The first one was too Eighties. I love it but it was you know trashy. In this version we’re going to go back to the classic RKO crime pictures. Black and white, as you can see, at the same kind of production design.

Wow! And who is this in the picture?

Oscar Isaac. He looks different, no?

Yes, he’s unrecog…

…nizable I know. Why you always say things I know Studio Exec? We made him up so that he had a scar and tried to make him look a little older too. I think he looks fantastic. The music is going to be by Hans Zimmer and is going to be just tubas. No other instruments. Just tubas all the time. Parp, parp, parp!

The new movie hits theaters next year.


CARRIE: REVIEW  – Carrie White is an unpopular girl, a misfit who is bullied by the other girls and dominated by her religious nut of a mother. Even the PE teacher who feels sympathy for her and tries to protect her admits that she just wants to shake her at times. But Carrie is also gifted with a terrifying new power. And as the kids plot a cruel prank for the Senior Prom, a rage is ready to be unleashed. 

Brian De Palma’s luscious operatic unpeeling of adolescent fear, cruelty and rage – scored by Pino Donaggio – is along with Scarface the best pairing of his own filmic excess and the apposite subject matter.

It drips with pig blood reds and Alfred Hitchcock influences and, in Sissy Spacek’s performance, has there ever been a heroine who is so utterly hurt and humiliated. Her revenge comes only as a slight compensation for the fate she suffers. Ultimately the film is a grungy tragedy.

Carrie will be released in 1976.


MALIBU – Kevin Costner, star of Dances with Wolves and Waterworld, looks set to send tongues a-wagging with his new ‘soft porn’ movie, a remake of his 1981 debut Sizzle Beach USA. The Studio Exec caught up with the laid back star at his Malibu beach house to ask him “what the heck’s going on, for Pete’s sake?”

I’ve always wanted to make a sex film. This one is a remake of one I did a few years back. But the production values weren’t up to much and I didn’t have the stamina that I do today. Every time a project came along I tried to get some more sex in there. I suggested to Brian de Palma that it should the Touchables, but he’d have none of it. I even filmed a great re-enactment at the grassy knoll, but Oliver Stone cut it out of JFK cause he said it was ‘inappropriate’. As if you can make a film about Kennedy without nooky.

What about your fans (largely seniors) who are going to be mad with you? 

I don’t give a hoot! There I’ve done and said it. Why, tarnation! I like sex, always have done, always will. The bit where you get butt naked and roll around, the bit where you slow dance, the part where you put it in and pull it out again and repeat as if you can’t make up your darned mind. I like it all. Except kissing. Kissing’s slutty. 

So is this a new direction or just a one off?

One off? Ha ha ha! It sounds like… well, it doesn’t matter. No it’s a new direction. From now on every film I do will have some full frontal nudities (ladies first obviously)! And you know, lewd humour. Next up, I have film with Francis Ford Coppola which is a remake of Grumpy Old Men, but it’s gonna be me and Warren Beatty and we’re calling it Humping Old Men. Ha! And we’re gonna be having sex. And Lars Von Trier has just sent me a script.

Sizzle Beach USA Redux begins filming next month.


HOLLYWOOD – Brian De Palma confirmed this morning that his long awaited follow up to his gangster classic Carlito’s Way will be released in Spring, 2014.  Titled The Way of Carlito, the movie picks up ten years after the end of the original and Al Pacino is once again back on board as the former heroin dealer trying to go straight.

The Studio Exec sat down for a pow-wow with De Palma to ask him about his plans for the sensational sequel.
What did you think of the 2005 prequel Carlito’s Way: Rise Power?
I thought it was horse shit and I mean that literally. When I was watching it I thought a horse had actually shit on my TV screen and I remember thinking. ‘How the hell did a horse get into my house?’ If I lived on a Kansas ranch, it wouldn’t be so weird but I live in a penthouse on Central Park and the horse would have had to operate the elevator or climb thirty flights of stairs.
Can you give us any plot details about The Way of Carlito?
Sure. If you recall the end of the first one Carlito is shot and everyone assumes he is dead but he didn’t die. He broke out of hospital and snook onto a boat bound for Hong Kong. There he spent the next ten years being trained in Kung -Fu and living a life of meditation and prayer with his wife Xiang Zu. When his wife is killed after stumbling across a drug deal between the triads and members of Benny Blanco from the Bronx’s crew, Carlito returns to New York to seek bloody revenge on Blanco and take down his criminal organisation.
It sounds like the part is very physically demanding. Did Pacino take much persuading to commit to what must have been a gruelling training regime?
Al has been on board from the beginning in fact it was him who persuaded me to do it. He’s not as fit as he was in his youth but he’s lost none of his desire. He’s been learning Kung Fu and lifting weights for around two years preparing for the shoot and admittedly he found it hard at first but he’s come on leaps and bounds. In fact, he’s mastered the martial arts to such an extent that we had to register him as a lethal weapon or they wouldn’t give us a permit to shoot in New York.
I assume there will be some extremely violent scenes. Do you think you’re going to have trouble with the censors?
Sure there is violence but no more than your average episode of Game of Thrones. Necks get broken, people get decapitated. It’s no big deal. We might have some trouble from the animal cruelty people over the scene were Carlito chops a cow in half but we’ll wait and see what happens.
He chops the cow in half with a chainsaw?
No. With his bare hands. It’s during a scene when Carlito is training in Hong Kong. We were going to find a way to fake it but Al insisted we had to be as realistic as possible so, when you see it, that’s really Al chopping the cow in half. I admit we went through 6 or 7 cows until he finally chopped one all the way through with one blow but we put the other ones out of their misery fairly quickly.
The Way of Carlito is due for release in 2014


BERLIN – A revealing new biography of iconic ‘Scottish’ actor Sean Connery is to claim that Edinburgh’s most famous son was actually born in Dresden and was baptized Helmut Zuller.

Xavier Poulis – Swiss cinema expert and professional cheese taster – writes: ‘Zuller grew up fascinated by all things Scottish and would walk the streets of Dresden wearing a kilt, much to the hilarity of other citizens and the chagrin of his relatives.’

According to Poulis, Zuller decided that he would adopt a new identity when he killed a sailor in a knife fight and decide to escape the forces of the law by adopting the dead sailor’s identity: Sean Connery.

Throughout his career Connery was terrified he would be recognized and that is why to this day none of his films have ever been shown in his native city. The Dresden Clause became a staple of all of Connery’s contracts, leading director Brian De Palma to ask: “What do you have against Dresden?” and receive an open palmed slap across the face in reply.

The news that Connery is in fact Zoller has been met with disbelief in Dresden. Local historian Martin Stat said:

It sounds like phooey to me. Everyone knows Zoller was killed in a knife fight with a sailor called Sean… Wait a minute!

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HOLLYWOOD – Cinema legend Al Pacino will play Joe Paterno, the disgraced Penn State coach in nuanced, tasteful drama by Brian … oh fuck, by Brian de Palma? Seriously?

Provisionally entitled Touching the Boys, the team that brought you the touching tale of a Cuban immigrant’s struggle to find acceptance in the US – Scarface – are preparing a script based on the book by Joe Posnaski.

‘This is gonna be subtle,’ said de Palma. ‘I’ve worked with Al twice, Scarface and Carlito’s Way. We work together well and the subject is fascinating. Plus I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and this is going to give me an opportunity to do another homage to the shower scene in Psycho.’

Oliver Stone – who had written a draft of the script that was deemed ‘too subtle’ – was unimpressed at the prospect. ‘Brian’s a film maker who can’t resist self-reference. Everytime I got a draft of the script back from him he’d added the line “Say hello to my little friends”. Personally, I don’t tihnk that’s appropriate.’

No date has yet been set for filming.