breaking bad

The second instalment of our Breaking Bad alternate ending series. Choose which one you prefer.

Breaking Bad Alternate Ending II

Having returned to his home with a machine gun, Walter White is met first by a disbelieving neighbour, but he is reckless and now at his wit’s end. He drives out to Uncle Jack’s hide out and works out a super clever plan about how to free Jesse, persuade Jesse to help him and kill Todd and the Nazis using a super clever poison bomb. Meanwhile at Marie’s house, Marie opens the door to find Hank! With the Nazis dead, Mike and Gustav Fring turn up and congratulate Walter. Walter can’t believe it but Hank and Marie also turn up as does Walt’s doctor from the first episode. 

‘You died of cancer,’ the doctor explains. ‘Cancer’s a deadly disease, not a plot device. It kills people without worrying about narrative logic, and it certainly doesn’t give you five seasons to get things done. No, you died surprisingly quickly.’
‘But then…’ says Walt, indicating the carnage around him and his family and Jesse.

‘All this has been a dream,’ the doctor says. ‘A kind of limbo.’
Jack Shepherd and his father turn up with Bobby Ewing, whose hair is still wet from the shower and they lead a now babbling Walt into Michael Langford’s Pearly Gates.


breaking bad

The show that everyone can’t and won’t stop taking about will end forever (probably) in a few days and the people of the world will have a free hour slot in their week to work on that cure for the common cold or find a new series to become addicted to.

The Studio Exec himself will be distraught when Breaking Bad finally dismantles it’s meth lab because we’ll have nothing left to write about. Hell, we’ll be forced to write stupid articles about Tom Hanks‘ ass hair or something. Actually that’s not a bad premise for a piece but we’ll leave that for another day.

So in the spirit of milking a teat until it’s bone dry over the next few days we’ll be posting various alternate endings to the series.

Will White and Pinkman finally consummate their relationship?

Will Skylar and Marie do a Thelma and Louise?

Will Hank be resurrected a 1000 years in the future to fight crime in a world inhabited by Dog Men?

Let’s find out shall we?

Breaking Bad Alternate Ending 1

Walter returns from exile with an oversized machine gun to take revenge on everyone he has ever met in his entire life. First he visits the home of the kid who stole his marbles in kindergarten and sprays him with lead and moves on to pop caps in the asses of various people who’ve done him wrong.
The Gym teacher who made him play football in his pants, a mail man who delivered his copy of MAD magazine to the wrong address and a bunch of prissy girls who wouldn’t let him finger them behind the science lab. 

With a spring in his step and a glint in his eye he shoots those people he started the company with who everyone had forgotten about until they appeared as a convenient plot device in the last episode. Then Marie for being generally sour faced. Eventually he strolls into Uncle Jacks yard carrying an extra large pepperoni , riddles everyone there with bullets, except for Todd who he kills with a crude but efficient meth bomb which makes the child-killing psycho’s face melt like a Nazi opening the Ark of the Covenant. 

Eventually Walt ends up in a stand off with Pinkman who shoots him several times in the chest. Unfortunately for Jesse after months of malnourishment he decides to grab a slice of the pepperoni before riding off into the sunset only to discover it has been laced with Ricin . Pinkman’s brains start to drip from his nose and he falls to the ground foaming at the mouth. The last camera shot is of Walt and Jesse laying on the ground side by side dying. They both say sorry and die in each others arms. 

Fade to Black.

Much crying ensues.