HOLLYWOOD – Brad Bird confirmed today that a spin off movie from The Incredibles will tell the origin story of popular pint sized fashion designer Edna Mode.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec Bird revealed that along with the long-awaited sequel The Incredibles 2 a spin off prequel – provisionally entitled No Capes! – is also in the pipes.

When I was writing The Incredibles of course you have loads of spare ideas and of those ideas Edna Mode was by far the biggest recipient. I was fascinated by her double life of a high end fashion designer, internationally renowned, and a supplier for superheroes.  She is just one of those characters with such a clear voice, she writes her own dialogue.

What’s the story?

Edna is a a young fashion student in Milan, whose best friend Gertie (alias La Dolce) turns out to be a superhero. They have adventures defending the world from Lachrymosa – a rival designer/super villain – while at the same time Edna must prepare her first ever show.  We’re working on the script now. I think the priority will be The Incredibles 2, but I would expect that Edna won’t be waiting long for her bow.

Edna Mode was one of the most popular characters of the original The Incredibles which was released in 2004 and was seen as one of the most accomplished Pixar movies. Pixar could really do with a hit following a series of uninspired sequels and the animation studio will be hoping that Edna can help to create something that is truly fabulous dahling.

No Capes! will be released in 2020.


HOLLYWOOD – The spin off TV show to Tom Cruise’s popular Mission: Impossible franchise came closer to reality today with the first picture of the assembled cast.

Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, Barbara Bain and Leonard Nimoy are all confirmed to star in the new Mission: Impossible TV show, which producers are hoping will cash in on the success of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation. The show has been planned for many years, but has run into difficulties casting the team.

Executive producer Tom Cruise spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

The idea of the show was easy. The very structure of the films lends itself to an hour long episodic TV format. I mean it fits like a glove really. The only problem was getting the team together so to speak. First Martin Landau dropped out and then Lesley Ann Warren and Lynda Dey George were circling the same role, before Barbara finally said yes. We’ve got Lalo Schifrin to come up with a variation on the movie’s theme music. Let’s see what he comes up with.

The movie franchise began with the 1996 Brian DePalma directed action film starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. ‘It was so original,’ says Cruise:

I said to Brian at the time, how the hell did you come up with such an original idea? And he just grinned, you know the way Brian does and so we left it at that. But it really launched the second half of my career and gave me freedom to do all those other projects.

The series has included entries directed by the likes of John Woo, JJ Abrams and Brad Bird. The pilot of the television show will be directed by Bruce Geller.

Mission: Impossible the TV series will be broadcast early in the Fall.