LEIGHTON BUZZARD – Gary Oldman is to direct his second feature film with a biopic of British Eighties pop group Kajagoogoo.

Too Shy represents a radical change in direction for Oldman, whose first film Nil By Mouth was a grimly realistic portrayal of domestic violence, starring Ray Winstone.

Ray Winstone returns, however, in the role of Limahl the egotistical lead singer of the group which had hits with ‘Ooh to Be Aaah’ and ‘Too Shy’ before exploding in an orgy of hair spray and recriminations. Jonah Hill will play bassist – and arch rival – Nick Beggs.

The Firm and Dracula actor explained exclusively to the Studio Exec:

The Eighties is a period that fascinates me. I first made a real name for myself playing Sid Vicious in Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy. I wanted to go back to the Eighties and explore the rise and fall of the kind of one-hit-wonder group that was so prevalent in those days. Though I wanted something more epic. That’s why I went for Kajagoogoo, because they’re more like a two-hit-wonder. 

Ray Winstone seems like an odd choice for Limahl. What made you offer him the part?

bow wow wow (Ray, far left)

Well, you say that but what you don’t know about Ray is he used to play keyboards for Bow Wow Wow and so he knows that world intimately. They kicked him out just after they released ‘Go Wild in the Country’ and he’s been very bitter about it. 

The film ends with Limahl leaving the band. Would you guys consider a sequel to follow Limahl’s solo career?

Wow. That would be a lot bigger in scope than I’m used to. Perhaps. I mean it could be a [sings] Never Ending Story-la-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-laaaaaaaa.

Too Shy is due to start filming this month.