HOLLYWOOD – Paul Greengrass has announced via his website details of the upcoming Bourne 5 starring Matt Damon.

Here is the information taken directly from the site:

Title: Bourne Free


When Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is forced to kill a lioness out of self-defence, he brings home three orphaned cubs she had been trying to protect. Bourne tends to the three orphaned lion cubs to young lionhood, and, when the time comes, the two largest are sent to the Rotterdam Zoo, while Elsa the Lioness (the smallest of the litter) remains with Jason. When Elsa is held responsible for stampeding a herd of elephants through a village, John Kendall (Mads Mikkelsen), Bourne’s boss gives him three months to either rehabilitate Elsa to the wild, or send her to a zoo.

With no mention of the character Jeremy Renner played in the previous Bourne film, some have speculated that Greengrass will simply gloss over that picture but when asked by a journalist if this was the case, the director confirmed Renner will be making an appearance:

We’re getting Jeremy in for a couple of days. He won’t be in the film but during the opening titles you’ll see him getting eaten alive by a lion. It’s very much like a Bond opening sequence we’ve even got Tom Jones singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight. It’s going to be epic.

Bourne Free is due for release in 2016.