NEW YORK – Martin Scorsese is to follow up Boardwalk Empire with a new HBO mini-series based on perhaps his most critically acclaimed film: Taxi Driver.

Original script writer Paul Schrader has already been working on scripts, but Robert de Niro has said that he won’t return in the part of Travis Bickle.

‘I think it makes a lot more sense with a new young actor playing the part,’ said De Niro.

Scorsese says the show will be set in the seventies:

We’ve worked on various scenarios and we are combining them into a three season narrative arc. We’ll begin with Travis in Vietnam for the first season and we’ll find out what made him into who we see in the original film. Then the second season will be more or less the events of the film but stretched out and with some stand alone episode where Travis goes and fights crime and what not. I’m thinking something between First Blood and Death Wish. The final season will be a series of stand alone episodes telling us what happened to Travis. Spoiler alert: he becomes a private detective. 

Taxi Driver will be broadcast in the Fall.


BOARDWALK EMPIRE: REVIEW – I started watching HBO‘s Boardwalk Empire when it premièred and I’m now struggling to finish the 3rd season. Everything boded well. Martin Scorsese and Terrence Winter, Tim Van Patten, a great cast: Michaels Pitt, Shannon and Kenneth Williams, Stephen Graham, Steve Buscemi and Kelly Macdonald. Sumptuous sets, high production values, the wonderful prohibition period of Once Upon a Time in America, whisky colored interiors and the manic rhythms of jazz. I started fast forwarding the show halfway through the second season.

What was wrong with it? Well, first off when a show boasts about how much it cost to reconstruct something you can bet that the show runners will try to get their money’s worth out of the furniture. I got bored of the magnificent establishing shots which never ever looked like a real place any more than Rome ever looked like Rome. Then there was the central casting of a brilliant bit player. Buscemi is a lot of things, but a romantic lead? No. He has no heft, no weight and no charisma. His bow-legged trot away from camera during the title sequence sets the tone. He looks like a someone you could knock over with a feather.

All the hallmarks of HBO productions now look like hallmarks: the sexposition, the OTT violence, the glossy production values that now get in front of the story. I began fast forwarding Kelly Macdonald’s Margaret Shroeder. Hard to think of a less interesting character lumbered with butt-aching story lines, none of which seem attached to the character as such. From tea-totalling to women’s health issues via a slap of catholic hypocrisy and making jollies with an ex-IRA terrorist, her hair sometimes changes but her pursed lips expression and her obnoxious children remain resistant to any temptation to like her.

But it wasn’t only her. The writers had effectively painted Michael Shannon’s glowering G-Man into one of the most uninteresting corners imaginable. When he turns up at the beginning of season 3 selling irons, you know it won’t be long before someone ends up wearing one as a facial piercing. Everything is telegraphed from a distance, which is at least consistent with the period. The villain obviously villainous; the innocent victims lined up to be despatched. This is the show that makes Al Capone a dull little man.

Anyway, it’s almost over and I shall stop occasionally to find out what happens. Hopefully, I won’t have to see many more naked beauties draped over Mr. Buscemi’s thankfully dressed form. And if you think I’ve been unkind, I’d like to point out, I’ve not used the word Sopranos once. Well, twice.    


NEW YORK – A group of medical doctors and scientists along with team of consultants, matched with the august professional associations linked to many Ivy League research departments mixed with experts in their various fields have jointly published a report that proves a direct link between the watching of HBO and a tendency to deliver exposition while having anal sex or having anal done unto one.

Dr Harlybard commented on the report this morning:

The findings are highly significant. They prove a direct link between the viewing of the shows, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones and a tendency to give detailed plot information while taking a lover from behind or indeed being yourself taken from behind.

HBO spokesman Griffiths Humperton held up his hands laughing and said, ‘It’s what we do.’

The only real controversy that remains is whether or not the shows encourage anal sex or simply using the ‘doggy position’.