HOLLYWOOD – Ridley Scott’s next film will be the new Blade Runner 2049 prequel.

Ridley Scott announces a prequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049. With two Alien prequels under his belt, the veteran director now wants to return to the Blade Runner universe.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec, the White Squall director had this to say:

I love the idea of going back and making films based on the films that I made in the past. I think they’re often better than the originals. Look at Prometheus. Everyone told me that it was miles better than the original Alien. I’m looking at doing a Thelma and Louise prequel, which would follow Thelma as a young woman. And a Black Rain prequel. Matt Damon even wants to do a Martian prequel which would just be him flying to Mars with the crew.


I know. The other advantage in Blade Runner is that I’ve already done a prequel to Blade Runner 2049, so I can just use footage from that. Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young are all in it.

The synopsis reads:

A bounty hunter must find and kill a new kind of synthetic human, the Nexus. But in so doing he must come to terms with his own humanity and the limits of love.

Filming has already started according to Scott.

Blade Runner 2019 is out in August.


HOLLYWOOD – Someone just leaked the script for Blade Runner 2050 onto the internet.

Did you love Blade Runner 2049? Do you want to see the sequel Blade Runner 2050? Well, there’s a good chance you never will. But we’ve managed to get a copy of the script after it leaked onto the internet. So here it is.


Extreme close up of an eye blinking. Hans Zimmer blows his electronic TUBA.


Cinematography as far as the eye can see. J (Hayden Christensen) pilots a Spinner, a futuristic flying car over the miles and miles of cinematography, until he lands on the roof of a magnificent ziggurat. 


J descends in a strobing lift and enters a magnificent hall, where he is greeted by L (Lindsay Lohan) and an OWL.


Welcome to the Production Design.


Thank you. I’ve come from the cinematography.

Do you like the production design?




You could at least look at it.


I did look at it. Is that owl artificial?


Of course it is.


It must be very expensive.

We put it in the production design budget. 


I’ve come to see if you’re human. 


I’m not. Neither are you. 


Is anyone human anymore?


I am. 



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REVIEW – Netflix science fiction show Altered Carbon dropped a couple of weeks back and now I’ve finished it.

Set in the Blade Runner, Altered Carbon stars Joel Kinnaman as a Japanese terrorist Takeshi Kovacs. He desperately doesn’t want to sleep with his sister. Authorities de-ice the criminal Envoy and put him in a new sleeve – an ex-cop white guy – so that he can investigate Laurens Bancroft’s (James Purefoy) murder. He’s hired by Bancroft because being a Meth – rich guy who lives in the sky – Bancroft has downloaded backups of himself that he can then put into cloned sleeves – bodies – of himself. The first couple of episodes get by on the whizzbang of all that new vocabulary and the production values that do make you go oh look Blade Runner… oh look Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome… oh look Blade Runner… oh look the Matrix… oh look Blade Runner… oh look Blade Runner.

The Stranger Things cut and paste methodology wears thin about episode three and then the clunky dialogue begins to really compete with the hammy acting for what torments the soul of the viewer more. The Neo-Noir demands a corrupt world, but there’s a weird hollowness to everything here. Some of the ideas are excellent and spice up the hate watching –  feisty cop Ortega (Martha Higareda) is a particularly irritating bundle of stereotypes. I liked the AI hotel called Poe (Chris Conner) and some of the ideas about swapping bodies are good and the action is well done. But the overall effect becomes numbing and the nudity plus violence stuff starts to get really old. Women get hurt and humiliated time and again. And I’m not sure having your avenger turn up in S&M gear retroactively makes the women-beating feminist.

So we have a slick-looking sci-fi thriller with dialogue so bad it feels like its trying to parody bad dialogue and which wears its unoriginality as a badge of honor. But other than that I enjoyed it.

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HOLLYWOOD – Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 had a disappointing opening week.

Blade Runner 2049 has flopped at the box office, only taking a measly $210 according to reports.

Harrison Ford star of the film said:

It’s complete shit. You go into a store with $210 dollars, you come out with one shoe.

The disastrous opening came as a surprise as the film boasts two bankable stars, wonderful critical reception and is the sequel of a film largely consider a cornerstone of science fiction cinema. Ryan Gosling contended the news was not all bad:

I know some shoe shops where you can get a decent pair of shoes for $210. Like slip-ons or espadrilles. Obviously not suede ankle boots. Harrison is probably thinking of suede ankle boots. You’d need more money for those.

We asked Denis Villeneuve about the film’s performance.

Obviously I’m disappointed. On the one hand we wanted to make a film in a certain way and I think we made that film. So in that sense I’m glad. But in another, I had my eye on these really nice suede ankle boots and I guess I’m not going to be able to get those now. Until the Dune money comes in at least.

Blade Runner 2049 is still in theaters.


REVIEW – BLADE RUNNER 2049 – La La Land sequel sets dour tone.

In Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling returns to LA but now it is no longer ‘Another Day of Sun’. Rather it is rainy and sometimes snowy and sometimes dusty and always misty. Following a thirty five year break here is the Blade Runner sequel no one actually asked for. The good news is that it isn’t awful. Gosling is the replicant cop – no ‘is or isn’t he?’ nonsense here – who must hunt down runaway versions of his own kind and dispatch them. When he comes across a body buried in the ground, he finds himself unearthing LITERALLY a secret that could have huge ramifications on the world.

So the good things are as follows. It looks good. Roger Deakins and Denis Villeneuve have done a bang up job of filming the noir elements and making the world of the near future look real. Gosling is fine. His C3PO impression is well within his range. There’s not much Harrison Ford. As with his return as Han Solo, I find Mr ‘Which Runway?’ increasingly plays himself in a way that is distracting. And the story is interesting and well realized.

The bad things are niggles. So in love with its own visual flair, the pacing does drift into prolonged gazing at itself. The procedural detective work just involves Gosling going places slowly. And I didn’t like the way the film tries to be bigger. The original film was about Deckard killing four replicants. Not much was at stake. He didn’t even reallly have to do it. The new film posits the possibility of a revolution or war and epochal change. Weirdly this largeness is incomplete feeling as if it’s setting up another chapter. Jared Leto’s baddie is a creepy Jesus guy but his sporadic appearances feel like something wasn’t quite worked out.

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HOLLYWOOD – Read the notes of the producers of the original Blade Runner.

We’re all used to thinking that Blade Runner is a dyed in the wool cult classic but even the people making it didn’t think it worked. Bud Yorkin and Jerry Perenchio unleashed their critique in a series of notes. The best of which reads ‘This movie gets worse with every screening.’ Hardly a ringing endorsement. The voiceover was not a hit either. And generally they both criticized the pace of the film.



HOLLYWOOD – Harrison Ford’s costume for Blade Runner 2049 only cost $26 before tax.

Rick Deckard is back in Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 and he’s blade running for his life. The trailer hit the internet yesterday and left so much to unpack. But the take home for many was Harrison’ Ford’s costume. We spoke with the Mosquito Coast actor EXCLUSIVELY about his costume choices:

The costume people come round to my house. They’ve spent weeks going over and over with these designs and sketches. I talked to Ryan and he’s taking this shit way to seriously. He’s worried he’ll have a cold chin so he gets them to make this high collar. You know, to protect his chin. Do you know that Gosling means baby goose?

Yes, I guess…

Makes you think. Huh. My surname means ‘American car’.

Your costume…?

Well, then they say ‘How about you Mr Ford?’ and I say ‘I’m wearing my costume right now’. They looked confused. I was just wearing a t-shirt. They started trotting out these space trousers, but I told them to fuck off. This shirt cost me $26.

That’s great.

For a pack of three.

Blade Runner 2049 will be released in October.


HOLLYWOOD – We publish Damon Lindelof’s email to Ridley Scott. 

Written while Blade Runner 2049 was in development this email sees Damon Lindelof and Ridley Scott discussing possible story ideas for Blade Runner 2049.

The Studio Exec has obtained a copy of the Blade Runner 2049 email. It says things you people wouldn’t believe:


Hey Ridders, Jesus where’s delete? Never mind. I mean. What the hell! Right Scottish? We can fix it in post. It’s the Damon-ster here. I know you said you weren’t sure you wanted me to help you with Blade Runner 2049 but I’ve been thinking really hard about it and I’ve got some ideas things for the plot like concept of the story notes perhaps. So here goes. 

The years is 2072, right? OK and Deckard’s like this old Blade Runner. And he’s got this fresh, brash partner (I’m thinking Shia LaBeouf or perhaps Channing Tatum). OK. And they get a mission to go after the Nexus 17 replicants right. And Deckard has a lot of bullshit from his boss cause he ran off with a replicant and what not and it ended badly, but he only has a week left until his retirement (some comedy here with possible confusion about Deckard being a replicant who’s about to be retired LOL). Anyway they go after the replicants but this time they follow them to the off world colonies and there are like shit loads of chases and what not, and Deckard says (more than once) “I’m getting too old for this shit”. He says it like three or four times, like it’s a RUNNING GAG and ironically it’s because he’s a RUNNER who is too old to RUN. Right?
Anyway they meet this really old woman who looks like exactly like Vanessa Redgrave (we can get Guy Pearce for this and put him in an old woman suit) and she’s like Tyrell the 4th or something. And she explains that actually all human beings are replicants because we’ve all been created by a higher power, which is like god but really actually just like super intelligent sperm people. You dig? Anyway, deep shit, deep shit, running, some more deep shit. Then they corner the Nexus 17 and Tyrell in this super dangerous and they could just call for back up, but for some reason (I haven’t worked this bit out but who cares) they just run in guns blazing. Something heavy falls on Tyrell can kills her for no real reason and polar bears start attacking. I know, fantastic, isn’t it?
They kill the polar bears or something. then confront Nexus 17 Ray Batty who reveals himself to actually be the son of Deckard and Rachel and Deckard is crying but just completely like blows him away. Fade to Black. A Celine Dion, music Vangelis and with lyrics by moi ‘Tears in Rain’ over credits:
I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe — eeeeeeve
Polar bears attacking me and my son, 
About Rachel Replicant I grieve — eeeeeeeeve
What have I done, done done

Blade Runner 2049 will be released in 2017.



ATHENS – We all know Vangelis from his superb scores for 1492, Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner, but how much do we know about Vangelis THE MAN?

Well, here Studio Exec is with his 5 FACTS: 

1. Vangelis was one of the authors of the Bible!

2. After the success of his Blade Runner soundtrack, Ridley Scott had Vangelis cryogenically frozen, arguing that ‘his future sounds have created a bendy bit in the space/time continuum which just feels awkward.’ He was defrosted briefly for the 1492 soundtrack.

3. Although Vangelis has a Greek passport, there are no birth certificates nor any evidence of him attending school. Eye witnesses of his first appearance describe a flash of blue light and then Vangelis ‘was just there’ crouching in a crater, adorned by a prodigious beard.

4. A biopic of Vangelis is currently in pre-production, directed by old friend Philip Glass, and will star John Goodman as the film composer.

5. The Oscar winning theme music to Chariots of Fire was apparently inspired by a vision that Vangelis had of men running slow motion along a beach projected on a large rectangle in the recording studios.

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HOLLYWOOD – The first images from Blade Runner 2049 show Ryan Gosling looking like Harrison Ford.

Ryan Gosling just came round to the Studio Exec bungalow to give an EXCLUSIVE insight into the Blade Runner 2049 images.

So hey. This is basically me. I play this guy who basically worship Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard. He’s this legendary Blade Runner and I want to be just like him. So I got to this coat shop, where they sell these long coats and I say can I have one like this. And I show them this picture of Deckard wearing the coat. And they say sure. I say it’s a little different but okay. Then I go and get a hair cut.

A hair cut?

And I show them the photograph and I say…

I want a hair cut like Rick Deckard. 

Hey, have you read the script?

No. I was just… go on.

Then I go and meet Rick Deckard. And he has a piano.

We see that in the trailer.

Right. But now I can play the piano, because of La La Land so we start a jazz combo. We call ourselves Zinc Omelette and become famous.

You’re not Ryan Gosling.

I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

Blade Runner 2049 will open the Venice Film Festival in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec sends in the FACT squad to run the Voight-Kampff test on the new Blade Runner 2049.

Denis Villeneuve’s follow up to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Blade Runner 2049 has been shrouded in mystery but the Studio Exec FACT squad has been on the job – though one of them got fried running through an electric field. So here are the 5 FACTS they uncovered.

One. The whole of Blade Runner 2049 takes place at eleven minutes to nine PM.

Two. Following his success in LaLa Land, Ryan Gosling will sing the theme song ‘Tears in Rain’ over the opening titles as well as the song ‘Is this to test whether I’m a Replicant (or a lesbian)?’ also known as Blade Runner Love Theme.

Three. The cast for Blade Runner 2049 includes Harrison Ford from the original, as well as Jared Leto, David Letterman, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson and Melissa McCarthy.

Four. Although not directing the film, Ridley Scott has been part of the creative team though scriptwriter Hampton Fancher has said that his contribution consisted solely of demanding ‘a shit load of unicorns.’ This demand has been fully satisfied. Hampton told the Exec: ‘You’ve never seen this many unicorns on film at the same time.’

Five. Whereas in the original there was an ambiguity as to which character was a replicant, in the new film the Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has insisted that there will be a more radical ambiguity. ‘We will suggest that not only are ALL the characters replicants, but also the audience and the filmmakers. Everybody and everything is artificial. Philip K. Dick, I feel would have approved.’



HOLLYWOOD – LaLa Land star Ryan Gosling insists that Blade Runner 2 will not be a musical.

He sings and dances up a storm in LaLa Land but Ryan Gosling stated explicitly today that the new Blade Runner 2 movie will not be a sequel.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Gosling said:

It’s crazy. You do one musical and suddenly everyone thinks that’s all you can do. I spoke for a long time with Denis Villeneuve, our director, and we both agreed that the tone of Blade Runner 2 had to be consistent with the original film. And that kind of precludes big song and dance numbers.

So no songs at all then?

I didn’t say that. There won’t be a big choreographed musical scene but I can hold a tune so we do have one or two songs throughout the film. For instance, I’m singing the theme song Blade Running through Tears in Rain.

Blade Runner 2 will be released in 2018.


In our continuing series of ’47 Films to see before you’re murdered in your dreams’, we look at Alan Parker’s Voodoo Noir Angel Heart.

The Eighties were fascinated by the Fifties. There were chart-topping reissues of Wonderful World, there were Levi adverts and in movies Stand By Me, Diner and Back to the Future played on an ever hungry nostalgia for the period. Even Billy Joel revived his career with doo-wop ditty Uptown Girl. But for me the best take on the era came from one time British commercials director Alan Parker. His dark noirish fantasy begins in a wonderfully realized 1955 New York, with Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel, a gum shoe with a sleazy commitment to his job, permanent stubble and a thing about chickens. Hired by Louis Cyphre (Robert de Niro) to find dance band crooner Johnny Favorite, Harry finds himself roughed up and bounced from Harlem to the bayous of Louisiana as his quest takes in fortune tellers, evangelicals, good old boys, corrupt cops and practitioners in the dark arts. Haunted by fearsome dreams of an elevator, the Private Eye only just manages to keep on top of things, but when he also falls for Evangeline Proudfoot (Lisa Bonet) you know things are going to get bloody.

Parker consistently made beautiful grim looking films. No one does grit quite as well in commercial cinema. Far less fond of the sheen than compatriot Ridley Scott, Parker also made consistently downbeat films, from the nightmarish view of a Turkish prison in Midnight Express, to the dirty end of fame in … well Fame, even when he made a kids movie, it was a weirdly filthy gangster pic – Bugsy Malone was a musical to boot.

Angel Heart is possibly his best film. The performances are terrific, with great cameos from Charlotte Rampling, Brownie McGhee and Robert de Niro himself, and a towering Mickey Rourke in his disheveled gone to seed perfection. Alongside Rumblefish, the best performance of his tragically curtailed career. With a haunting theme by Trevor Jones, those saxophones played by Courtney Pine, Angel Heart is the cool noir to set aside Blade Runner as the most inventive reinventions of the genre.

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HOLLYWOOD – Han Solo and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford is facing potential scandal as it was revealed that his earring is writing a scandal crammed memoir about his life with the star.

Harrison Ford’s earring has written a memoir of his life with the star and the Studio Exec has got EXCLUSIVE permission to publish the extracts here.

From Chapter One.

It was an ordinary day in Claire’s Accessories on Lexington Avenue. I’d been poked by a couple of Japanese tourists and discarded by a teenager who – by the ordure from his digits – had just been eating a taco. The other rings and I were gossiping about Tavora, the assistant, when who should walk in but Han Solo and his wife Melissa Mathison. Tavora reads gossip magazines out loud so we recognized the hunk from Force Ten from Navarone immediately. ‘Are you sure about this?’ Melissa asked. ‘Sure,’ Harrison said and without even looking he pointed to me and said ‘That one.’ The piercing was over in a jiffy and Harrison didn’t cry or yelp even. He actually sounded disappointed when he said it didn’t hurt.

From Chapter Six.

The divorce was difficult for all of us. I liked Clarissa, I really did and I do. But you have to understand the position I was in. I mean Harrison never took me out. I heard all the sweet nothings, the moans, the passion and late at night in the bathroom the weeping, the pain and regrets. It was a hard time for all of us. And it was our about then that the fungus infection started. Was it related to stress? I’m no doctor. I’m an item of jewelry, to paraphrase DeForest Kelley.

From Chapter Nine.

Daniel Craig was there and Jon Favreau. The’d been talking for over an hour and I got the feeling Harrison was uncertain to say the least. As was customary, he called time and went to take a leak. In the bathroom, he rubbed me gently. ‘Well, what do you say old Pal?’ he asked. ‘Shall we do it?’ I had been a lucky charm for him and now Harrison was asking me career advice. I told him straight. ‘The title stinks, the plot is uncertain and the characters aren’t well defined,’ I told him. He was angry. I could tell he wanted to do it. He reached up and began to take me out. ‘Noooooooooooooo,’ I shouted, but no one could hear my tiny golden voice.

From Chapter Eleven.

Of course there was no way of knowing how Jimmy Fallon would react and Harrison was a little nervous of doing the whole bit. Live TV is a different ball game but I whispered in his ear: ‘Make sure it hurts!’ And I heard an appreciative chuckle from the pilot of the Millennium Falcon.

Lobe Runner: Tales from Harrison Ford’s Left Ear by G. Ring (as told to Chad Sternberger) is available from all good bookstores.