HOLLYWOOD – Mike Huckabee has left Fox News show Huckabee in order to formally join Texan rockers, ZZ Top.

The 44th Governor of Arkansas and Presidential candidate was rumored to be close to the band for years, but only announced his departure last week on a tearful episode of his popular Fox show Huckabee.

A spokesperson for Fox said:

We are delighted that Mike is moving on to new experiences. Although we have valued him as a voice of reason and compassion on the right, for many years it has been obvious that his heart has not really been in politics. For every show we do, he spends very little time reading the material and researching and much more time playing the bass guitar and occasionally the drums. Finally, he has decided to give up politics entirely and devote his time to touring with the hard rock outfit, ZZ Top.

Billy Gibbons, lead guitarist, vocalist and band leader, said that ZZ Top had been eyeing Huckabee for some time.

He’s a solid bottom line and I knew that he and Frank had occasionally been jamming. Dusty Hill was none too pleased, obviously and was quite rude about the idea, but then Frank broke his wrist, so we decided to get Mike to come in and play the drums until he’s better. We’ll see how it works out and then when Frank comes back we can maybe give Mike a shot at playing bass and Dusty can become a rhythm guitarist.

When Studio Exec had an opportunity to ask about Mike Huckabee’s political ambitions, which were rumored to include another candidacy for President, the musical ex-governor chuckled:

Oh Lord no. First off, politics is just too darned ornery and I ain’t about to spend my declining years arguing with a bunch of pipsqueaks about the ins and outs of legislation. Second up, I’ve always had a hankering after growing some facial herbage and right here’s my opportunity gorn darnit!

ZZ Top’s new album Don’t Want to Be President Anyway! will be released in 2015.