HOLLYWOOD – The first image of Tom Hardy as Elton John has been revealed from the new biopic of the singer’s life, Rocket Man.

The image (above) shows Tom Hardy performing as Elton John and looking uncannily similar to the singer, identical almost. Sources close to the production told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that the Mad Max: Fury Road star performs the songs in the film. Apparently, Hardy has ‘an exceptionally good voice’.

Tom does a version of ‘Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road’ which is utterly amazing. I would say it even surpasses Sir Elton’s performance. Tom is such a professional and he’s very committed to the role. He shaved his head and walks around wearing Elton’s glasses and wearing his clothes and just becoming him. Then the other day he was on a tennis court and someone tried to take a picture of him. Tom went ballistic just the way Elton would have done. Beautiful.

Fans have reacted with a shocked silence, not a single one saying a word. Except for some who have claimed that the picture is some kind of forgery.

Written by Billy Elliot screenwriter Lee Hall and directed by Michael Gracey, the film chronicles the singer’s battle with addiction and his early rise to fame.

Rocket Man will be released in 2018.


BELGIUM – Tom Six’s The Human Centipede follows in the footsteps of Billy Elliot and Spider-man to become the latest movie to be transformed into a big Broadway musical. 

With Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence in cinemas at the moment the popularity of the digestive horror franchise has never been higher and some analysts are surprised only that it hasn’t made the move earlier. Theater critic Xavier Poulis said:

Human Centipede is an absolutely obvious choice for Broadway adaptation. It has physical movement, a strong central idea and it is genuinely moving. The team assembled are top class and I can see Human Centipede challenging the likes of Les Miserables for longevity.

Tim Rice has already written the book and Andrew Lloyd Webber is busy putting the finishing touches to what he calls ‘the sickest shit I’ve ever done.’

The first songs have leaked (never was the word more appropriate) onto the internet, with such promising titles as ‘He’s got the Whole World in his Glands’ and ‘You’ll find an End in Me’. James Purefoy will take the role of the mad scientist whose anatomical experiment has terrible consequences for Andrew Garfield, Rachel McAdams and Carey Mulligan.

An overexcited Tim Rice said:

We’ve missed in some classics, like Scott Walker’s ‘Get Behind Me’ and the evergreen favorite ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, with some of our original songs like ‘Arse horizon’ and the fantastic post-operation ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ which we’ve changed to ‘Smm mmmml mmw ooo’ because it’s sung by the one in the middle.

The Human Centipede Sings! is due to open early in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – He was a mere child when he was launched into the cinematic firmament playing the dancing hero of Billy Elliot, but now Jamie Bell is ready to return in Billy Elliot 2: the Rave Years.  

The screenplay by original screenwriter Lee Hall takes the action forward to the 1990s. Hall explained:

I’m fascinated by the early nineties rave scene and obviously Jamie was keen to have the story follow his age. So we find Billy in a desperate situation. Following his initial success in the world of ballet, Billy has fallen out of favor and slumped into a spiral of drugs and alcohol and now has to scrape a living as a warehouse podium dancer, hopped up on pills and blowing a whistle to the sounds of The Shamen

Jamie Bell spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Studio Exec about his take on the new script: 

When I first spoke to Lee and Stephen about going back to Billy, I was resistant. I couldn’t see how it could work. But on watching Black Swan, I realised that classical dance can be an expression for getting an Oscar.

How about the dancing? 

Believe it or not I’ve kept it up. And we have kept the classical aspect in the new script despite the fact he’s dancing to Orbital now. The ravers are initially put off by my tendency to plié and jeté, but they soon redefine it as ironic and thereby he wins them over.

Stephen Daldry, who first directed the 2000 feel good movie, will return behind the camera.

Billy Elliot 2: the Rave Years will be released in 2016.



HOLLYWOOD – As we enter 2013, Studio Exec casts a jaundiced eye over the young faces of yesteryear and asks where are they now.

Garfield was once everyone’s favorite cat, but soon he caught the eye of madman mogul Donald Trump who took a liking to the autumnal coloring of the animal’s fur, and thought it’d be a perfect addition to his follicle folly. Before you could say ‘You’re Fired!’ he had the moggy hunted, killed and skinned and the pelt lowered via helicopter onto his otherwise gleaming pate.

It’s been an interesting 2012 for Star Trek actor Paul Ryan, more familiar to viewers as comedy robot Data. With the cancellation of the television series and no more films in the offing, Ryan wiped off the make up and ran for the US Senate, putting his computational skills and way out charisma to another use as the running mate of Mitt Romney. ‘I was there to make Mitt look human,’ admitted Ryan later. 

Many worried about the fate of young Billy Elliot once the popular film was over. Having danced his way into everyone’s hearts, it was obvious he was going to become an obnoxious drunk, but never fear. Liverpool Football Club (or Soccer team) took him on as a midfielder and he’s doing very well for himself! Go you Reds!