HOLLYWOOD – It has been revealed that the crossover movie 23 Jump Street: Men in Black will begin filming in June despite being ‘the result of too much tequila’.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are set to return to 23 Jump Street: Men in Black, an ill advised mash up which was inspired by ‘too much tequila’ according to one studio insider.

I think it was someone’s birthday and so a bottle or two had come in and we got to talking and drinking. There was definitely some tequila and then we all went out to a bar. You know bottomless mimosas? Well, it turns out there’s a bottom.

So what happened?

We were shooting our mouths off and writing stuff on napkins and the usual stuff. But we were all out of our brains. Tommy from creative tried to take his trousers off over his head. The next morning … or the one after, I woke up with a soiled mouth and a thousand missed calls. Turns out we’d been green lit.

So Jump Street 23: Men in Black was done?

I didn’t know at the time. I couldn’t remember. We were all sitting in the meeting waiting to see what had been decided, but it could have been the spin off of Big John Little John or the Terrahawks musical that we’d come up with somewhere between the kebab Sunday special and the Jane’s Addiction concert.

But when you did find out you must have been happy?

No. Of course not. We have all these wild ideas but we never thought they’d actually come to anything. Jesus Christ and now we’re going to go into production. Jonah and Channing are on board.

That’s great!

They’re idiots. What do they know? They’re Goddamned actors! Usually getting stoned off your brain means you wake up with ideas written in such bad handwriting it never comes to anything but apparently we had a conference call and now I’m going to have to sell this unholy cow to the world.

  Jump Street 23: Men in Black will be released in 2017.