HOLLYWOOD – Trophy hunting images spark outrage against Steven Spielberg.

Pictures apparently showing Steven Spielberg posing with a trophy kill has caused consternation and fury across social media. One twitterbook personality something Paul told the Studio Exec:

I think it’s completely crazy. I for one love Always and 1941, but this will not stand. How can someone go into the wild and kill these beautiful animals is utterly disgusting.

Martin Havesmith shouted his disgust down an old style telephone with the curly wire.

The BFG filled me with a childlike wonder with a stunning performance by Mark Rylance but how would Mr Spielberg liked it if he was shot and stuffed and then photographed by a bunch of high paid animals? Not very much. That’s how.

The ASPCA announced that a full investigation is ongoing.

It is unclear whether Steven Spielberg has broken any laws. However, we do know that the animal he is photographed with is believed to be close to extinction if not actually now extinct. This is outrageous. It makes me want to sick up.

A spokesperson for Mr. Steven Spielberg told the Studio Exec:

Spielberg made Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn, he can shoot any fucking animal he wants to, so go fuck yourselves you bunch of whining shits.

West Side Story will not be very good.