HOLLYWOOD – Steve Martin has confirmed that his new assault on the Golden Age of Comedy – following Bilko, Father of the Bride and The Pink Panther – will be a biopic of British comedy legend Benny Hill, tentatively entitled The Hill Has Eyes (for Scantily Clad Ladies).

From his secret layer deep in the Hollywood hills, the grey haired one commented:

This project is very close to my heart. When I was growing up as a young man I would always watch Phil Silvers Peter Sellers old Spencer Tracy films the Benny Hill Show. I used to love the way he cheated the Army authorities was chased by women everywhere with his unmistakeable French accent cheeky grin. I hope in a small way this film will be a tribute to work that he and Katherine Hepburn did. 

Plot details are few but Sir Ben Kingsley is already on board in the role of Jackie Wright, the little old man who Benny would often slap patronizingly on the top of his bald head during speeded up chase scenes. Sir Kingsley said that he regarded the role as the most difficult of his career:

If you look at what Wright did, it wasn’t just being slapped on the top of the head, any jobbing comic could do that, it was the artistry, the look of subtle sadness in his eyes, which said, “this is not I being slapped on the head by Benny Hill, it is humanity being slapped on the top of the head by LIFE”! I full expect to be knighted again following this performance. And hopefully the Queen will deign to pat me on the top of the head with her sword. Ha ha ha ha!  

The Hill Has Eyes (For Scantily Clad Ladies) is due to be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – We know here at Studio Exec that the internet isn’t just about porn; it’s also about lists. Knowing more about films means making lists, lists, lists. We have more lists than a Hungarian pianist’s repertoire.

And so we’re proud to present our 5 directors who take their names from geographical features.


1. Michael Bay: He might be the most practiced air conditioning unit dodger and robot toy franchise director in the history of multi-angled explosions but did you know Michael Bay’s name actually means body of water by an isthmus of a river?

2. Steven Spielberg: You definitely don’t know that Mr. Jurassic Park has a surname which is actually German for ‘talking mountain’. Ironically, John Milius is Latin for ‘Jew in a baseball cap’. 

3. Oliver Stone: Admittedly the JFK director tends towards the geological, but Stone is proud of his geographic marker and makes a point of standing by standing stones whenever he sees a standing stone to stand by.  

4. Michael Moore: The Fahrenheit 9/11 director likes nothing more than eating a large curry and then warning everyone that there’s a wind on the moor tonight. He’s also famous for his sense of humor.  

5. Walter Hill: Inspired by the work of Benny Hill to become a film director, the young Walter Kubrick got himself down to the town hall and changed his name and the rest is history.