HOLLYWOOD – The entire world did a little wee in its pants with the excitement of the news that poet/artist/actor/writer/director/model James Franco is going to star in the long awaited motion picture, James Franco.

James Franco has been in development for over five years, but casting had not been confirmed and rumors were rife that Tobey Maguire or Jeremy Renner were both up for the role. Fears grew over the interwebs that perhaps Ben Affleck might try and bag this one too, but relief was universal and celebration uncontained when it was finally announced early this morning that James Franco had not only agreed to star in the film as himself, but would also be writing the script, directing and supervising the catering very closely. He released a statement via his press agent Marina Abramovic shortly after the announcement:

We (that is me, but also the corporate entity/universal soul that is James Franco) are delighted to be a part of this project. It has been a dream of mine to work with this director and also a dream of mine to direct this actor – a genuine talent in a sea of mediocrity. As a writer one dreams of the opportunity of writing on a really important theme, and none more important exist to my knowledge than James Franco. As for the catering, we’re going with Thai, but that’s subject to my final approval. 

James Franco will be released in 2015.