HOLLYWOOD – Lucky Logan director Steven Soderbergh has retired from film making forever again.

Speaking to the Studio Exec, Ocean’s 11 director Steven Soderbergh once more quits directing feature films for good. In an EXCLUSIVE interview, he said:

I’ve had it (again). I want to write novels, or paint or something. I hear curved stitching is very therapeutic.

What’s curved stitching?

It’s when you create lovely patterns with thread through a canvas via holes or pins or something. I don’t actually know, but it’s meant to be great.

Why have you quit again?

I don’t know. It’s just something I like doing every three years or so. I quit and give a bunch of interviews. Then I do TV. Like The Knick. Then I do movies, but for TV like Behind the Candelabra. Then I go back to doing movies. And then I quit.

Aren’t you worried people will get bored?

People like to have a break from me now and then. They think I’m great when I make Ocean’s 11, then I make Ocean’s 12 and 13. They like Solaris then I go Haywire, literally. You’ll see.  A little break from me as I quit forever, never to return, no not ever. And I’ll be back in six months with a new movie. But for now, I’ll never make another movie ever again.

Steven Soderbergh’s Curved Stitching will be released in 2018.


ROME – Having brought Liberace to the big screen in Behind the Candelabra, Michael Douglas is playing another real life cocksman in Franco Zefferelli’s Bunga Bunga: The Fast Life and Hard Times of Silvio Berlusconi.

The ex-Italian Prime Minister, convicted fraudster and ‘bunga-bunga’ specialist is currently serving a community service for his shenanigans, but expressed his delight at becoming the subject of a Hollywood motion picture.

He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

It’s about time! Ha ha ha. My life it was already like a Hollywood movie. I was a singer on the cruise ships, like Frank Sinatra but with more talent, and then I got a break with a lot of money. Don’t ask me where the money came from it is better not to say. Then it was like a Martin Scorsese movie. I had it all. I got into real estate and TV. I was a star, an entrepreneur and lived like a king. Then I got into politics.

What advice would you give Michael Douglas in playing you?

I am very happy Mr. Douglas is playing me. He is a virile red blooded young man, just like myself, with a full head of luxuriant hair, just like myself.  He is also renowned as a great one with the ladies. Although he seems to like older ladies. Each to his own I suppose. And he’s a wonderful singer. I would give him the advice to use a lot  of humor. I myself as well as being an astute political operator, a daring business leader and a champion of Catholic morality, am also a man with a stunningly funny sense of humor.

Bunga Bunga: The Fast Life and Hard Times of Silvio Berlusconi will be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Steven Soderbergh has announced that he is to definitively retire ever year until 2025, when he is hoping to resume his film making career.

His last two last films Side Effects and the Cannes bound Behind the Candelabra will serve for 2013, but there will be a new last Soderbergh film, accompanied by a plethora of interviews about how sick and tired he is of the whole film making business.

Soderbergh watcher and cheese expert Xavier Poulis commented on the latest twist in the drama:

Steven has always run ahead of the pack. He starts his career by jumping the shark and then goes on from there. I remember the first time I ever saw Haywire and I said to myself:  “Acid jazz and a bad actress, who else but Steven?”

British film director and sworn enemy Michael Winterbottom said: “Soderbergh is a hack, a washed up hack. He has to feed the press these goof ball stories only because his films are so uninteresting. And he hasn’t got any hair! He’s a baldy! A bald eagle specky four eyes and I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!”

Soderbergh responded to Winterbottom’s comments via his blog:

I have read with sadness Mr. Winterbottom’s comments, who although not a friend is a fellow professional, whom I do admire. All I have to say in response is: I know you are; what am I?

A festival of Steven Soderbergh’s final films is currently underway at the London BFI.


HOLLYWOOD – Having already conquered Hollywood via Sex, Lies and Videotape and Ocean’s 13, Steven Soderbergh decided to give making films a rest and concentrate on enjoying the simple things in life.

Studio Exec has got exclusive access to his diaries, – provisionally entitled Not Making Films by Steven Soderbergh – and which give an intimate window into the life of one of cinema’s most beguiling talents.


Just back from Cannes. Went well. Michael said something funny about licking … well, it was funny at the time. Now, I’m back. Won’t be doing that again. But nice. You know. The French are funny. Some of them can be quite rude, but the food and wine… ooh la la! Said goodbye to a lot of chums. Film-making friends. Is it really the end? they asked. Uhm, yes, I said. I think.


Aren’t policemen getting younger? Or is that just me? Possibly it’s me getting older. Daytime TV is really dull. Just cookery shows and these horrible chat shows where everyone shouts at everyone else. Dreadful. Regret deciding to write that novel on Twitter. 140 characters a chapter. Stupid idea. I didn’t even know what Twitter was when I started.


Phoned George and asked if he wanted to come around. he said he couldn’t and that he was busy but he would say what. Watched The View. Went to the Mall and it wasn’t until I got there that I realized I didn’t need anything. Got some passport photos done. The lighting was over-lit like early Blake Edwards and that gave me… I decide to call on George and there he is going through a script with Matt Damon. They’re prepping for The Monuments Men. How my little boys have grown! They don’t need Poppa.

Not Making Films by Steven Soderbergh will continue next week.


LOS ANGELES – The 65th Emmys Nominations were announced this morning at a hotel. There were some surprises – no nominations for Game of Thrones or Mad Men for instance – and after the jump we have the full list of nominations. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in A Drama Series who Makes Drugs
John Hamm
Bryan Cranston
Peter Dinklage 

Lead Actress who has Mental Problems/is a bitch
Claire Danes
Robin Wright
Vera Farmiga

Oustanding Reality-Competition Series 
Seriously who gives a shit? 
A Shit who gives Seriously?
Gives a shit Seriously?
Who Seriously shit gives A?

Outstanding British Posh Piffle with Bogus Historical Detail and Nostalgia for Nobs
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Mad Men
Game of Cards

Outstanding Comedy Series that Rhymes with Bodern Bamily
30 Rock
Modern Family

Outstanding Fantasy Series that Kills Lead Characters with Alarming Frequency
House of Cards
Game of Thrones
House of Thrones
Game of Cards

Best Miniseries or Movie that should Actually be competing in the Oscars
Behind the Candelabra 
Behind the Candelabra
The Candelabra (Behind)
Behind the Candelabra

The Trophies will be awared on the 22nd September in Los Angeles. 


BEHIND THE CANDELABRA: REVIEW – Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) goes to Las Vegas and gets a job looking after and being companion to Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas).

This is the film that was too gay for the studios and represents Steven Soderbergh’s second final film this year, so there is ample room for some edgy gay jokes or just the odd cheap shot at the bald eagle of Indy cinema, but to tell you the truth the film is so well pitched and so entertaining as to make such derision both tasteless and pointless.

Exploring the loneliness of fame, Douglas is fantastic as the needy and remarkably canny Lee, someone who is aware of his own status and the fine line he treads between camp openness and possible scandal. At times tender and at other ruthless, the performance veers close to but never tips into parody, and like Soderbergh’s film as a whole explores camp and all the gaudy horrors and delights that entails, but never itself – apart from one short dream sequence and the actual stage shows – indulges in camp itself. Damon has the quieter and perhaps more difficult role of the innocent gradually corrupted, but with his white bread naivety and fresh faced charm, he is utterly convincing, like a talented Mark Wahlberg.

Liberace has become something of a forgotten figure and this film will reignite interest in him not only as a dazzling showman, but also as a victim to what for all its glitter was a benighted age when it came to the politics of sexuality.


HOLLYWOOD – Steven Soderbergh‘s last last film was Side Effects, his latest last film is Behind the Candelabra is about to show at Cannes and his next last film – we found out today – is to be a remake of Andrei Tarkovsky‘s Stalker starring long time collaborator George Clooney in the title role.

The film involves a forbidden area of strange power called the Zone where a meteor once crashed. The Stalker (Clooney) leads two other men, a writer (Matt Damon) and a scientist (Brad Pitt), towards the center of the Zone where they will find the mysterious room, where apparently wishes come true.

Many have reacted with horror at the idea of the follically challenged whizz kid getting his greasy mitts on what many regard as the Russian master’s finest work, but writer and confessed Zone-head Geoff Dyer disagrees:

Soderbergh has already improved on Tarkovsky with his brilliant version of Solaris which absolutely knocked Tarkovsky’s version into a cocked hat. I’m sure he will do just as well with Stalker, which anyway is itself a remake of Wizard of Oz.

Soderbergh’s plans come as no surprise as it had already been announced that he will make a last film every year until 2025. The only surprise perhaps is this year he has already made three.


HOLLYWOOD- Famous film director and hat model, Steven Soderbergh shocked the film world with the announcement that his biopic of legendary pianist and entertainer Liberace, entitled Behind the Candelabrawill show that the performer and heterosexual icon was in fact gay!

Michael Douglas – who plays Wladziu Valentino Liberace – expressed surprise at the director’s announcement: ‘I played him straight. Liberace won court cases against people implying he was gay. I suppose Steven has a right to his own interpretation.’

Matt Damon – who plays Liberace’s gay lover – was less surprised: ‘Everyone knows he’s gay right? I’m surprised it’s even been brought up as an issue.’

Soderbergh’s film will be shown on HBO as all the major studios turned it down because – according to the director – ‘It was too gay.’