HOLLYWOOD – The new Ken Loach movie I, Daniel Blake criticized for lack of car chases.

It might have won the Palme d’Or at Canne this year, but the new Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake has come under fire for its lack of car chases. English film critic Barrymore Barrymore took the film to task in a review published in The Daily Mail:

It’s all very well showing the shortcomings of the social welfare system, etc. the plight of the working class etc. the hardship of a single parent family etc. but there are so few car chases that it’s almost embarrassing. How is the British film industry supposed to compete with the US and the Fast and Furious series, when our filmmakers can only make movies about bald men looking for work.

Loach has been criticized in the past about the lack of exciting car chases in his movies and the fact that his films almost never have space ships. Barrymore Barrymore goes on to say:

No spaceships, no space stations, no death rays, no laser guns. There’s no mention of the Force and we don’t even get a glimpse of Chewbacca. Come on Ken! Try again.

Ken Loach apologized and promised to try harder with his next film.

I, Daniel Blake is in theaters this month.