HOLLYWOOD – Michael Bay has announced that his next movie will be a remake of Stanley Kubrick’s 1975 period masterpiece, Barry Lyndon.

“I was recently invited to a special screening of the remastered version,” said Bay.

I’d never seen the movie before and I have to be honest, I thought it was very slow and boring but I loved the basic storyline and I had this idea of how I could could adapt and improve it.

Set in 2145, Bay’s Barry Lyndon (Chris Pine) is a lowly natural born human that falls in love with one of the genetically enhanced elite humans (Jessica Biel) that rule society. After (seemingly) killing the man she is betrothed to in a laser pistol duel, Lyndon is forced to go on the run and ends up joining a Mars based military unit fighting a war against invading aliens. Lyndon distinguishes himself in battle and after saving the life of his Captain, he is welcomed into elite society and slowly but surely, rises to power.

Bay said his version, although wildly different from Kubrick’s, would borrow heavily from the original:

There’s a lot of Stanley’s movie in my version but I wanted it to run to around 90 minutes so there will be none of those long, lingering looks or pointless scenes of people walking down country lanes or taking baths. Take the final duel scene. It’s about 15 minutes long in the Kubrick version but mine currently runs to about one minutes fifty seconds. They turn up, they fight. People don’t want dramatic tension, they just want to see somebody get shot.

Bay went on to say that he’s enjoyed the experience so much he’s thinking of adapting another Kubrick:

I had a dream in which Margot Robbie was hitting me over the head with a giant penis and I realised what it meant. I’ve got to make an all-female A Clockwork Orange with Margot playing Alex. I told her about my dream and she hasn’t contacted me since, but she’s very busy these days so I expect a call soon.

Barry Lyndon: Reborn is due for release in 2018