HOLLYWOOD – JJ Abrams‘ love for Steven Spielberg is well known – as evidenced by his Goonies like Super 8 nostalgia fest – but now he is going to take it one step further: writing and directing a sequel to the capped one’s masterpiece, Schindler’s List

We caught up with the Lost creator in his Bad Robot offices where he was prepping some films about spaceships and laser swords(?) ‘I’ve always seen Steven as my hero,’ said Abrams. ‘But I’ve always made these films which were like early Spielberg, the Spielberg of Close Encounters and ET, Raiders even. Now I want to look at the more serious side of his work.’

Don’t you think it is in bad taste to make a sequel to a film like Schindler’s List, which after all is about true events occurring in the Holocaust?

 I would think that if this was a sequel, but really it isn’t. You see what happens in Schindler’s List 2 is actually an alternative universe. Some people got on the list other people weren’t so lucky. Well in my film that’s reversed. 

But that’s horrible.

And in Steven’s version, the allies win the war and the camps are liberated, but my film will ask the question what if they didn’t and what if they weren’t.

So the Nazis…

Win, yeah. Oh and we’re going to have a lot more humor. I like to keep it light. There’s a party scene where Oscar is wining and dining the Nazis and we’re going to do it to the Beastie Boys.

Oh Christ, not ‘Sabotage’ again!

Christ. What do you take me for? No, we’re going with ‘You’ve got to Fight for your Right (to Party)’. Have some taste man. It isn’t like I’m just slavishly reproducing what has gone before.

So anything else in the pipeline?

I’m not allowed to talk about Amistad 2, so no.  

Schindler’s List 2 will be released in 2015. 


HOLLYWOOD – No sooner has J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek into Darkness warp speeded out of our memory banks than  Star Trek 3 teleports in with a leaked memo from Bad Robot Studios complete with film title and synopsis. 

Stark Trek: The Search for Kirk looks set to continue Roberto Orci’s trademark thievery:

Following their deadly battle with Khan, the crew of the enterprise come to terms with the [NEAR] death of Spock KIRK, but as they continue on their mission Kirk [SPOCK] becomes convinced that Spock [KIRK] is still alive on the planet where they launched the Genesis device  Earth. It turns out that McCoy has been implanted with Spock’s [KIRK’s] chaka-khan and a resurrected  Spock [KIRK] is alive as a small child on the planet surface. Klingons turn up intent on mischief played by someone from Taxi   Modern Family. Kirk’s [SPOCK’s] son is kidnapped and then murdered by the Klingon leading  Kirk [SPOCK] to say ‘Bastard Klingons, you killed my son’ 3 times.

 Stark Trek: The Search for Kirk will be released in 2015.