HOLLYWOOD – The Box Office returns of Avengers: Endgame prove disappointing.

Avengers: Endgame, the concluding chapter of phase whatever of the MCU, disappoints at the box office. Marvel Studio executives are pretending it made a lot of money but in reality it made practically zip. Although some media outlets are quoting sums in the multiple millions and forecasting an easy road to the billion plus dollar mark, sources close to the production told the Studio Exec that the movie has in fact made $23 in total. And $6 of that is in international territories.

Figures aren’t yet available for China but Marvel will be hoping to double the State-side performance.

We spoke with Parnel Sticks about the commercial ramifications:

You have to understand, the Avengers films are very expensive to make. Sometimes costing a hundred to three hundred dollars. So in order to make money back they have to earn at least five hundred dollars. Maybe more.

¬†Why didn’t it make boatloads of money?

One reason was because of the so-called Russo Brothers. Because there are two of them that means you have to pay two directors instead of just one. That right there is going to add, what? another fifty dollars to the budget. And there’s no guarantee that two directors are going to make the film twice as good. Also Robert Downey Jr has become a monster and his demands for massive bowls of blue M&Ms also had an impact on the cost of the film.

Avengers: Endgame is currently showing in one theater in North Dakota and nowhere else.