HOLLYWOOD – ‘Actor’ Michael Cera has released a surprise album of classic punk songs, featuring gentle, folk-like reinterpretations of songs by The Dead Kennedys, Henry Rollins and The Buzzcocks.

Music critic Harley Dentistson gave his verdict on the former Arrested Development star EXCLUSIVELY for the Studio Exec:

This collection of ten songs by Cera is something of a revelation. He begins with a sweet rendition of Orgasm Addict by The Buzzcocks which sets the subversive tone before going onto explore some of the more obscure alleyways of the early Eighties punk scene via Wire (I am the Fly) and The Damned (New Rose) and Fight War, Not Wars by Crass. The highlight for me though is Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys, which Cera imbues with a fragile humor and beauty, his delicate voice singing ‘Right Guard won’t help you here’ is enough to want to wrap him in soft blankets and feed him mushed bananas. Pol Pot indeed.

Cera himself has stated that his love of classic punk should be seen as an antidote to the weakness of his acting.

I find in punk an energy that I don’t find in life. I love listening to those old bands that were fueled by anger and rage and amphetamines. The only way I can live with myself for producing such dross as Juno and Scott Pilgrim is to come home and listen to Scraping Foetus of the Wheel.

Michael Cera’s PUNK is available to download right now.


HOLLYWOOD  – Holy Insipid, Batman! Michael Cera is joining Batman Vs. Superman to play the clown prince of crime himself: The Joker.

With the internet still reeling from the Studio Exec exclusive that Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg will be Lex Luthor (CLICK HERE for more), now we can confirm that Arrested Development and Scott Pilgrim ‘star’ Michael Cera is to take over from the defunct Heath Ledger as Batman’s arch-nemesis. Cera himself called to give us his first reaction:

Well, it’s rad if you don’t mind me cussing. I’m gonna play my xylophone during the interview if that’s okay? It’s got, I don’t know, a sweet tone. Jason Bateman just said do it.

 Jason Bateman told you to take the role?

No, he told me to play the xylophone. This one as a matter of fact.

Go ahead, so where were you when you got the call?

I was wearing a tweed waistcoat, that’s for sure, possibly a vintage Thundercats t-shirt, I wanna say? Maybe.Do you know how many jokes we got out of that one word in Arrested Development? 31. I counted ’em. Kept a note book, matter of fact.

Given how iconic the late Heath Ledger’s performance was in the seminal Dark Knight movie, do you feel any pressure taking on this role?

I love pop tarts, okay. And I once met Jack Nicholson who once played the role, right? And I said, do you think the Joker would like pop tarts? And do you know what he said to me.


He said get this f*cking kid out of here. So that was like ‘an answer’.

So you’re not nervous about taking it on?

No, I think I’ve got range. I mean did you see that film when I was like the nice guy and the nasty guy? Youth in Revolt?


No, no one did. That was a problem actually. But I got range. I can play this ukulele, okay? I am so multi-talented. I wrote this song about Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It’s called ‘I’m Gonna Break You in Two’.

The Man of Steel Vs. the Dark Knight Vs the Social network Vs Argo Vs Scott Pilgrim’s Ball Sack by the Pale Moonlight is currently filming in Detroit.  


HOLLYWOOD – Undoubtedly the hit comedy of 2009 was Year One starring Michael Cera and Jack Black and directed by Dr. Egon Spengler himself (as he prefers to be known, Harold Ramis. 

Given the critical and commercial success – unprecedented in the world of comedy – a sequel seemed like a no-brainer, but the sequel – Year Two – has been stuck in pre-production for two years now (ironically, but not funnily) and looks like going nowhere fast, much to the chagrin of laughter lovers everywhere. 

Jack Black spoke to German magazine, Swinehund earlier this week:

When something is a massive success, and I mean a phenomenal success, the way Year One was, there is obviously the urge to immediately repeat it but there is also the contrary-wise caution that every responsible artist must apply in order not to ruin what has already been created. If you look at my ‘ouvre‘ you will see I am very careful not to sully the beauty of – say – Gulliver’s Travels, by making a wholly unnecessary Gulliver’s Travels 2.

 Michael Cera is also adamant about not wishing to go over old ground:

As an actor I want to push myself. Every project has to be completely different. Look, I started playing a drippy nerdy looking boy in Arrested Development. What kind of asshole would I be if I was still basically playing that character? It would be as unthinkable as remaking Arrested Development.

 However, hope is not lost. Both Cera and Black have turned up at big Hollywood parties dressed as their Year One characters Zed and Oh. Harold Ramis is known to be keen to return, telling close friend Whoopi Goldberg: ‘I’d be keen to return.’ More positive news comes from David Mamet who admitted to having already written the first draft of the sequel. ‘Jack and Michael are hard taskmasters but I’m sure once they’ve seen where I’ve taken the characters, they will be keen to jump on board,’ Mamet told Studio Exec.

Year Two might be out in 2015.