HOLLYWOOD – Following the success of American Crime Story: The People V O.J. Simpson, producers have already leaked their plans to film a second season of the anthology season this time focusing on another celebrity trial: The People v. Ariana Grande.

American Crime Story 2: The People v Ariane Grande is due to start filming early next month. Starring Lady Gaga as Ariana Grande, the story will recreate the famous donut incident that almost saw the diminutive diva’s career sent into a tailspin.

Show runners Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski dropped by the Studio Exec bungalow to talk about the show:

Everyone remembers where they were when they first saw the video footage of Ariana Grande that fateful day in the July of 2015 in Wolfee Donuts, Lake Elsinore in California. It was our 9/11. Or something similar. Vietnam or JFK getting shot. It was one of those. Or maybe it was all of them wrapped up into one huge media event.

Seriously, Scott? You think it’s that big a deal?960

Yeah. Sure we didn’t have the white bronco going down the freeway but this was TMZ and it was everywhere. There were issues of fairness, celebrity, entitlement, sexism and race. It was explosive. Dangerous.

How is this comparable to the murder of two people, as was the case in the OJ trial?

You have to remember how big Ariana Grande was in 2015. She was huge. And not only did she lick a few donuts she also said that she ‘hated America’ and hated ‘Americans’. Nobody was talking about anything else. The traffic stopped in the streets. Brothers who hadn’t spoken for years, phoned each other up to discuss what the hell was going on. At the MLB all star game Demi Lovato had to rush in and replace Grande when she failed to show. I mean this effected everything.

But there wasn’t actually a trial. There weren’t even charges pressed.

Not a legal one. No. But the donut shop was cited by the department of health and for Ariana, there was a trial in the court of public opinion. And the repercussions are still with us even all these weeks later.

Joining Gaga will be David Schwimmer who play Ariana’s boyfriend Ricky Alvarez and John Travolta who will play the owner of the Donut store.

American Crime Story 2: The People v Ariana Grande will be broadcast in 2017.



HOLLYWOOD – News from the X-Men universe has it that Carey Mulligan is to play the new Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse.

The 30 year old actress famed for her roles in An Education, Drive and The Great Gatsby will be taking over from Hugh Jackman, who has played James Howlett AKA Rogan AKA Wolverine for fifteen years, including 5 X-Men films and two stand alone Wolverine movies. A third Wolverine movie due out in 2017 and was rumored to be Jackman’s last appearance in the role but it looks now as if Carey Mulligan will be taking over.

A spokesperson for Fox told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

It is a sad fact that Hugh Jackman following a whole bunch of films – seven in total – will finally be hanging up his titanium claws, but we’re really excited to have found a replacement who will bring Wolverine to a whole new audience. Carey has that fresh faced exuberance and that lovely shy vulnerability that is there in the comic books and that Hugh, despite all his best efforts, singularly failed to bring to the screen.

Fox is hoping to change several of the main characters in a bid to compete with Marvel’s Avengers series and casting rumors have been rife. Ariana Grande is currently in talks to play a new version of Professor Xavier and Miley Cyrus looks like a possible Nightcrawler.

Mulligan herself said that she was ‘excited by the opportunity but also a little nervous of having to go up against Hugh’s super portrayal.’ She has already begun smoking cigars to prepare for the role and is due to have the surgery which will see her adamantium skeleton implanted.

How does she feel about having six inch razor sharp claws protruding from her knuckles?

‘Well, I’ll never be lost for a pair of scissors again!’ says the delightful Mulligan.

X-Men Apocalypse will be released in 2016 and Wolverine: Donkey Heaven will be out the following year. 


HOLLYWOOD – Police in Lake Elsinore, California, have issued a warrant for the arrest of Ariana Grande following the release of a video that shows her licking donuts.

Riverside County public health officials reviewed the surveillance footage, which appears to show Ariana Grande and backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez, as they “maliciously lick” donuts on top of a counter. Grande and Alvarez visited the Wolfee Donuts shop and during the visit what is called in police parlance a ‘licking incident’ took place. The owner of the shop informed the police of the incident and a SWAT team was sent to the Donut Shop but Ariane Grande nad Alvarez had already escaped.

A spokesperson for the police said:

What we are concerned about most of all are copy cat incidents. Ms. Grande is a very popular young woman with a lot of fans. If even half of them decide that this kind of behavior is ‘cool’ then that is enough to cover all the donuts in California in in teenagers’ spittle. We have to say this is personal for the police. We love donuts. That isn’t a cliche, it’s just absolutely true.

If found guilty, Ariana Grande will be sentenced to death.



HOLLYWOOD – Mark Frost and David Lynch’s cult TV show Twin Peaks is to return to television courtesy of Showtime and a re-imagining which will continue the story through the new younger generation.

David Lynch and co-creator Frost had already taken to Twitter to hint at a renewal of the show which ran for thirty episodes and a spin off movie, Fire Walk With Me, but the Dune director wanted to speak at length and EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I’ve been really into my Transcendental Meditation for ages now. And it has been satisfying, you sit there and become one with the universe more or less, but the downside of it is a. cramps and b. it gets really, really boring. So when Mark called me up and said he had some ideas for a new Twin Peaks I said, ‘let’s do this’.

What will the new show be like?

It’ll be the young kids. I don’t see how anyone can even remember who Kyle MacLachlan is anymore, so I want to go with Dale Cooper’s son, Rodney Cooper, played by Zac Efron. Rodney is called to the town when his dad goes missing and it turns out that the Son of Bob (Freddie Highmore), a mysterious serial killer might be responsible. Of course, the girl with the twig (Selena Gomez) roams the town weirdly as does Donna Hayward’s daughter Marcy (Ariana Grande). There’s going to be a lot more music in this version. I’ve been watching a lot of Glee and I think that will add something to the show, though Mark is a bit resistant.

Will this change of direction effect other aspects of the show?

Yes. Instead of Damn Fine Coffee, Rodney Cooper will say things like hashtag DFC.

Twin Peaks: The New Generation will be broadcast early in the Spring, 2015.  


BELGIUM – Belgian directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have announced their retirement from feature film directing in order to concentrate on their music video work with the top slice of female singing talent.

The two time Cannes winners first came to international recognition with their slice of life dramas such as Rosetta and L’Enfant, which focussed on the lives of marginal members of society. However, more recently they have been experimenting in short form musical videos, and has led to them being hired by some of the most famous pop artists in the world including Miley Cyrus for whom they created the ‘Wrecking Ball’ video and Jennifer Lopez’s forthcoming ‘Booty’ video featuring Iggy Azalea.

Jean-Pierre spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec about their decision:

The idea has been with us for some time. We like filming beautiful women moving to music. It’s so refreshing after all that dreary stuff we usually do about immigrants. When we made Two Days, One Night with Marion Coutilard, we were hoping that at least we’d get some superstar magic but it was still fairly depressing stuff. This way we won’t have to deal with working class people any more who – I can tell you this now quite frankly – are the most dreadful people. Utterly, utterly horrid.

 But won’t many of your fans be disappointed?

Oh, f*ck them. If they’re so mad keen on the poor and huddled masses let them get up early in the morning and hunt around for a boy and his bicycle to film in a pseudo documentary style.

What will your next project be?

We have a whole bunch line up. Rihanna wants us to work together again because we had such good fun with her and Shakira when we did ‘Can’t remember to Forget You’ and we simply have to work with Katy Perry. She is so wonderful. Beautiful and a great sense of humor.

The Dardennes Brothers’ final feature film Ariana Grande Goes Bananas will be released in 2015.