HOLLYWOOD – First photographs of Billy Zane as Marlon Brando in Todd Haynes’ new movie ‘Making Apocalypse’ released.

Billy Zane stars as Marlon Brando in new movie Making Apocalypse. The film tells the story of the filming of Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam epic Apocalypse Now. Director Todd Haynes spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We focus on the arrival of Marlon Brando. Coppola had shot much of the film but he needed Brando for the third act. He’d only managed to secure the actor for a number of days and at huge expense. When he arrived Brando was out of shape and didn’t know his lines, so Coppola sat with him and read him Heart of Darkness the Joseph Conrad novel that the film was based on.

How did Billy approach the role?

In many ways, Billy Zane is our Brando. If you look at his work in Titanic or Dead Calm, basically any of the films when he’s in a boat and he is superb. Take him onto dry land and I agree he struggles.


Here the challenge was obviously enormous. But Billy wanted to respect Brando and so he decided to follow in Brando’s footsteps.

He employed the method?

He ate a lot, refused to learn his lines and charged us an arm and a leg.

The film also stars Seth Rogen as Francis Ford Coppola and James Franco as Dennis Hopper. Although Charlie Sheen was originally cast to play the role of Martin Sheen, the role has since gone to British actor Michael Sheen.

Making Apocalypse will be released in 2020.


HOLLYWOOD – Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Force Ten From Navarone star Harrison Ford has written his autobiography A Humble Carpenter: Like Jesus and the Studio Exec is proud to publish EXCLUSIVE extracts.

From Chapter One.
I’ll never forget the first day my dad gave me a hammer. It was a proper tool, not some toy.
While he was working, I would sit in his workshop surrounded by the smell of sawdust, wood chip and glue and I’d hammer nails into a block of wood.
Years later I would be hammering a nail into a door frame as I renovated Francis Ford Coppola’s office in San Francisco when the big man would say to me, ‘Hey would you like a part in my new movie, Apocalypse Now?’
I looked at him for five seconds, then I said, ‘Can I finish this first?’
Of course Apocalypse Now was an incredible film to be involved in.
I still wasn’t thinking of myself as an actor. Money from my carpentry was putting the clothes on my children’s backs and I was loathe to start pursuing a dream I had tried and failed to achieve once already. Harvey Keitel was supposed to be the star but something went wrong and Marty Sheen was brought in to replace him. Then Marty had a heart attack. Then there was a typhoon and the stage for the Playboy bunnies sequence was swept away.
Suddenly Coppola grabbed me.
‘You’re a great actor,’ he said. ‘But now I need a carpenter.’
I looked at him for five seconds, then I said, ‘I’ll get my tools.’
From Chapter Two.
As good as it was to get some acting work with Francis, Apocalypse Now was not going to get the phone ringing. My role was small and I was basically an exposition vehicle. Still, Francis is a loyal friend and when I got back to San Francisco he promised he would help me find work.
There was a young director he knew from film school who was going to make a very exciting film about the birth of rock and roll in small town America.
I thought that this might be the chance I needed and I was very excited when George – that was his name – phoned and said he wanted to see me. I went out to his house the next day and he showed me into a room. There were piles of books on the floor.
‘You see these,’ he said. ‘I don’t know what to do with them. I keep tripping up on them, there in the way.’
I pointed to an alcove. ‘I could put some shelves up there.’
‘Shelves?’ he said, suspiciously.
‘Yeah,’ I said. ‘Book shelves.’
He thought for a moment and then began to nod excitedly, ‘Yeah book shelves! That sounds terrific.’
I was so happy to have got the job, I drove straight home and told my wife. ‘But what about the movie?’ she said.
Women! Always thinking of something else.

Harrison Ford’s A Humble Carpenter, Like Jesus is available from all good book stores.


HOLLYWOOD – Following on from the critical and commercial success of Twixt, Tetro and Youth Without Youth, Francis Ford Coppola has turned his attention to his long gestated Apocalypse Now prequel, provisionally entitled Apocalypse ASAP.

‘We have a script, that I’m very pleased with,’ said Coppola, speaking from his vineyard and olive oil export/import business headquarters. ‘The one thing that has been holing us up has been to find a star of the caliber of Marlon Brando to play the young Kurtz. But when I saw Shia LaBeouf in Lawless I knew I had my man.’

The official studio synopsis reads:

We meet Col. Kurtz as a boy organizing orchard raids with the other children and playing in fields of gardenias. This idyll will change when the Vietnam War breaks out and – now a man and career soldier – Kurtz gets in trouble with his the brass after organising a blues/rock concert when they wanted a rock/blues concert. He becomes a Green Beret – he was ‘the oldest to hump it round that course’ – and then heads of into the jungle for larks.

Coppola has already stated that he wants Apocalypse ASAP to be lighter in tone to Apocalypse Now. ‘For instance, in Apocalypse Now, The Doors gave us this brooding disturbing soundtrack. For Apocalypse ASAP, I’ve asked One Direction to come up with something jaunty and fun,’ said Coppola.

However, Shia LaBeouf has yet to confirm his participation. In a statement issued via his agent, Mr. LaBeouf commented:

I would be very excited to work with the legendary director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, but less excited to work with the director of Dracula and The Godfather Part Three and I really don’t want to work with the director of Twixt and Jack.  

Coppola seemed unperturbed by the setback.

‘I have an ace up my sleeve,’ he said pulling at his beard with both hands. ‘And his name is Hayden Christensen. Cheap my friend. Very cheap.’

Apocalypse ASAP starts filming sometime in 2014.


BEIRUT –  The Summer is here and hot and in the spirit of all things listy The Studio Exec has sweated over this amazing list for literally minutes: The Top 5 Sweatiest Films Ever Made.

1. Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman sweats in a chain gang; sweats against injustice (taking them off here boss); eats 50 eggs; sweats eggy sweat; sweats some more; (I wish you’d quit being so good to me Captain); smiles and sweats.

2. Spartacus. Kirk Douglas sweats; his Thracian crew cut sweats; his dimple sweats; his thighs sweat and Woody Strode and Tony Curtis sweat with him; Charles Laughton sweats in a toga; Jean Simmons doesn’t sweat at all because she’s too prim.

3. Das Boot. The German crew of a U-Boat sweats under the water during the Second World War (one of the sweatiest wars in world history); they sweat; Jurgen Prochnow sweats; they are under attack and sweat; they are bored and sweat and fart.

4. Alien. ‘In space no one can smell you pong’ read the tag line as Harry Dean Stanton, Yaphet Koto and Sigourney Weaver sweat it up big time, when a sweaty Alien sweats all over the shop.

5. Apocalypse Now. In the sweaty Vietnam War, Martin ‘sweat pants’ Sheen is so sweaty even his cigarette sweats as he goes down a sweaty river of sweat that Marlon Brando has sweated out, having gone rogue sweating his huge buttery ass off: the horror, the horror!

Have we left any out? Do you disagree? Feel free to use the comments below to add your thoughts. They’ll be deleted before you can hit enter. 

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Peggy Sue Got Married Ride

The Internet Movie Database otherwise known as IMDB has announced it’s first theme park will open in Orlando, Florida in summer 2018.

The Studio Exec sat down with the owner Col Needham to ask him about the exciting project.
Col. Why a theme park?
It’s something I’ve been developing for over 10 years. I went to Disneyland Paris and it was so disappointing I thought, we can do better than this.

What didn’t you like about Disneyland?
It was just old hat. Boring rides, overpriced hot dogs and those creepy characters in costumes wandering around. I mean, who really gives a shit about Goofy and Pluto? Most kids these days wouldn’t recognize them in a police line-up!
So what is IMDB’s take on the theme park experience?
Well for one we have an enormous pool of movies to draw from. We also want to give the ticket buyer an experience they never had before so many of our rides are incredibly dangerous.
Yeah. In fact there is like a 70% chanced you will be killed or maimed which is why you have to sign a waiver before you enter.
Interesting. Can you reveal some of the attractions?
Sure. We have TheShawshank Redemptionwhich is an underground log flume through a river of raw sewage. The idea behind Inception isyou’re plugged into the mainframe and you have to kill the other participants in their dreams. Dr Strangelove is a good one that involves you riding an atomic bomb dropped from a plane and there’s also The Schindler’s List Experiencebut we are having some legal issues with that one.
Wow. What does that involve?
You really don’t want to know. The original concept broke several protocols of the Geneva convention
The Apocalypse Now ‘Never get off the boat’ Ride


Sounds great. What would you say is your personal favorite?
I like The Apocalypse Nowride. It was designed by John Milius and it’s a kind of Ghost Train on water. We were a bit heavy handed with the napalm last week and several members of our crew were burnt beyond recognition but it all worked out. We had their dental records.
Well I must say Col I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the interview.
No problem. It was my pleasure


HANOI – Hollywood Director Michael Bay sensationally declared war on the Socialist Republic of Vietnam this morning, despite a last minute invention by the UN to try and broker a peace deal.

Armed with a 200 million dollar budget and a battle hardened film crew. Bay and his squadron descended on Hanoi in a fleet of chinnook helicopters shooting anything that moved with hand-held digital cameras.

“It was terrifying”said a terrified eye witness. “ I was in McDonald’s buying my lunch when I heard the sound of Metallica’s Enter Sandman, not the album version the live recording they did with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Anyway, I stepped outside and saw five or six choppers hovering overhead blasting out music from loud speakers and dropping purple smoke grenades. I couldn’t believe my eyes it was like a scene from Apocalypse Now. The original version I’ve not seen the Redux.”

Bay has so far been unavailable for comment but his former boss, ex-CIA director George Tenet who produced Bay’s picture Pearl Harbour (2001) warned a hurriedly assembled meeting of NATO that his former employee poses a major threat to global security.

“Mike has gone rogue,” said an animated Tenet. “Back in the early 1990s he was one of the subjects of a project known as Operation High Octane. A covert experiment to produce directors who would make government sponsored propaganda films. Mike was conditioned to believe he was producing harmless, entertaining action movies and we encouraged this delusion but after Transformers 2, it was pretty obvious that nobody of sound mind would make such a tedious piece of shit so we shut the program down. Since then Mike has become increasingly erratic and when he cast Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers 3, we knew his mask of sanity had finally slipped.”

President Barack Obama has condemned Bay’s actions saying that “America is a friend to the Vietnamese people and we will work with our friend to ensure that this situation is contained and Mr Bay is brought to justice”

You can find up to date news of the invasion on Twitter @studioexec1