HOLLYWOOD – Top Gun 2 will involve airplanes, Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer admitted yesterday.

Yesterday Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer Skyped the Studio Exec to talk about Top Gun 2 and they were adamant that the sequel to the popular 1986 action movie Tony Scott’s Top Gun will involve airplanes.

Studio Exec: So tell me guys. What’s up with all this noise about Top Gun?

Tom Cruise: We don’t want to give too much away because we want people to be surprised and enjoy the film, but we can say I think Jerry…

Jerry Bruckheimer: Careful Tom!

TC: We can say that there will be airplanes.

JB: I think we’re safe in saying that.

TC: And we’re not talking Word War One bi-wings here.

JB: No, nor are we talking about passenger jets, like 747s or something along those lines.

TC: Can I tell him?

JB: Sure, I guess. You’re not recording this Exec?

SE: No, ahem. No absolutely not.

TC: Okay, well, we’re thinking of getting Maverick back in the seat of one of those military fighter jets.

JB: Along with his Wingman.

TC: They’re gonna light up ISIS.

JB: Shhhh. Tom! Jesus!

TC: Oh yeah, forget I said that.

SE: Is Val Kilmer gonna be in it?

JB: You betcha. We’re gonna have to modify the … he’s put on a little weight, but yeah the Iceman returneth.

Top Gun 2: Topper Gun will be released in 2018.


SAN FRANCISCO – Val Kilmer has come out with a shocking attack on Bat Kid, the little boy who thanks to the Make a Wish foundation saw his dream come true.
The Saint star said:

I wish the lad well, but as an actor, a professional actor, if I see a wooden performance I’m gonna call it. I did it with Anthony Edwards in Top Gun; with Marlon Branco in the Island of Dr. Moreau and I’m doing it now. I don’t give a shit. My art is too important for that.

The comments came in direct contrast to the endorsements that Bat Kid received from Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. Even George Clooney admitted that the 5 year old had done a better job of ‘inhabiting the character.’ However, Kilmer was unrepentant.

When I was Jim Morrison in The Doors, I put on weight, I drank and took drugs, I slept with really beautiful women. In other words I sacrificed myself to become Jim Morrison. With Batman, I spent six months as a full time millionaire and six months as a vigilante. If Bat Kid prepared at all for his role – which I saw no evidence of – then he did not give it to his performance and it suffered as a result.

Val Kilmer will be appearing in Twixt