OPINION – Martin Scorsese is being told to shut his big fat mouth.

Hundreds of millions of people are shouting out in one voice – ‘Martin Scorsese: SHUT YOUR STUPID FAT MOUTH’. And they’re right. The big eyebrowed Italian American filmmaker infuriated Marvel fans a couple of weeks ago by daring to criticize comic book movies as ‘not cinema’. He said they looked like shit, or something and said anybody who liked them should go to the doctor and ask for face punches. But all around the world, fans reject this ignorant point of view. Grace Partniknik told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I film myself watching trailers on YouTube, so I’m an expert. And I can say Mr. Scorsese, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Marvel movies don’t have depth? Have you even seen Ant Man and the Wasp? I mean even in the title it’s AND the Wasp, asshole! It’s not just Ant Man. And then what about Avengers Endgame? I cried so much I puked up. How’s that for ’emotional resonance?’

Mace Windu told SE that he was tired of these white male gatekeepers being elitist:

Black Panther was the first film ever to show black people, doing stuff. And Captain Marvel had a woman in it. More than one actually. Scorsese would try to make a film himself and then he’d realize it wasn’t as easy as these so called critics seem to think.

 James Gunn also made an interesting point.

How can these films not be cinema? They’re shown in … the cinema. Durrr!

This controversy looks set to run and run and run.

Meanwhile, we’ve just learned that Scorsese has stolen the Snyder cut.

Martin Scorsese was unavailable for comment.