HOLLYWOOD – As San Andreas hits the screens, the Studio Exec can proudly release this EXCLUSIVE first look at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the new reboot Baywatch: the Movie.

Very little is known about the movie except that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson plays CJ Parker, a young lifeguard who patrols the beaches of Los Angeles with a little red board on a string attached to the ankle.

‘The Rock’ Johnson spoke exclusively to the Studio Exec:

The thing is I’ve wanted to expand my range as an actor for quite a bit. I’m always this very masculine action guy, you know the Rock! Well, CJ gives me the opportunity to explore another side of my nature, a softer more sensitive side which I hope will also show audiences that there’s more to the Rock than testosterone. And I look great in red.

Justin Malen is on board to rewrite the ‘script’ and We’re the Millers team Jeremy Garelick and Peter Tolan are rumored to be directing.

Johnson (the Rock) continued:

I’ve had to do a lot of preparation,especially yoga and Pilates. But it’s going to be worth it when you see the film. Baywatch is going to be funny and self-aware and edgy, but it is also going to be sexy and kinky and sexy and occasionally brutally violent. Imagine 21 Jump Street but on a beach. No, I’m serious… imagine that! Are you imagining it? Okay? Now take Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill away. Right? Now add me. But with long blond hair. There you go. Now you see it.

It is understood that the David Hasselhoff role of Mitch Buchanon hasn’t been cast yet but both Ann Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst have expressed an interest.

Baywatch will be released in 2015.

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INTERSTELLAR – Rust Cole goes to Space!

The future is always the past and the past the future. Christopher Nolan portrays society’s collapse as something akin to the dust bowl days of the great depression. The schools are filled with the ignorant and the Tea Party have effectively won. Sure we still pay our taxes but the government has such has ceased to exist. Matthew McConaughey’s pilot turned farmer should have been a World War 2 fighting ace or a test pilot from the sixties, but now he’s been forced into rustic hell with nary a Kate Hudson in sight for light relief.

When he happens upon a program to seek out alternative accommodation for the human race, he becomes the ideal leader to take on the hero role. And off he goes! Well, not quite. Even if the mission is successful he knows he might be decades before he returns and his family, especially his young daughter Murphy does not want him to go, refusing to even bid him goodbye. Nolan is often criticized as a cerebral filmmaker, icy to the touch, but these scenes are heartfelt and effective and add an emotional layer to the space adventure.

And the outer space stuff is fantastic. The practical effects look wonderful and Nolan’s sense of scale is astonishing. This is can do sci-fi adventure where scientist and engineer heroes mull over fuel efficiency and say things like ‘well theoretically…’ but there’s also the drama in the details. Time is the enemy here as relativity begins to take a serious toll. It has the techno moxy of Arthur C. Clarke with the weird bendy stuff of Philip K. Dick.

Ann Hathaway, Casey Affleck and Jessica Chastain joined by Nolan’s dad Michael Caine make up a suitably stellar cast and Hans Zimmer goes all Koyanisqaatsi on perhaps his most effective soundtrack to date. I have to confess a weakness for Nolan. The Prestige is my favorite film of his but I’ve not seen one yet that I didn’t like. I even liked The Dark Knight Rises, which in some critical circles would cost you the tip of your best typing finger. Interstellar is entertaining intelligent space opera, which in time will stand as one of the classics of the genre.


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HOLLYWOOD – Christopher Nolan’s new science fiction film Interstellar is about to hit our screens but what do we really know about the director’s epic IMAX vision?

The Studio Exec FACT teams is ready to boldly go where Stanley Kubrick has gone before and find out the FACTS about Interstellar!

1. Interstellar is an unofficial sequel to Matthew McConaughey’s 2008 action comedy Fool’s Gold. His character from that film Finn has changed his name to Cooper and has become less free wheeling and more melancholy.

2. Ann Hathaway sung a number of songs during her scenes including When You Wish Upon a Star and another heart-breaking rendition of I Dreamed a Dream, but the songs were cut out because according to screenwriter and brother Jonathan Nolan they ‘were in the wrong film’. Likewise the tiara she wore throughout the film had to be digitally removed in post.

3. A special law was passed in the Senate that will allow Christopher Nolan to stab anyone in the throat who is caught watching the film on their phone/tablet.

4. Although many have commented on the obvious influence of Stanley Kubrick to the look and thematic ambition of the film, Nolan has repeatedly cited Norman Tokar’s The Cat from Outer Space as his main inspiration for the tone of the film.

5. William Devane is in it.

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VADUZ  – Film star, couch safety tester and leading Thetan, Tom Cruise today finalized the purchase of Liechtenstein and declared himself Prince Cruise.

The Principality located between Switzerland and Austria had taken the unusual measure of hiring itself out for an evening at a time at the price of $70,000 a night, during which period novelty currency would be used, street signs featuring the name of the client and 150 guests could be accommodated.  
Scientology has been declared the state religion and a private police force called the ‘Cruise Control’. 

Witnesses on the Austrian border says they could distinctly hear the Rock of the Ages sound track booming out over the once peaceful land.

Local resident Gustav Hanker said that he was cautiously optimistic about the new regime: ‘We live very quietly here and we like winter sports and walking. The only problem is something should be done about some of the litter in Vaduz. But I’m sure Prince Cruise can solve it. I mean, it’s hardly a mission impossible.’
Herr Hanker laughed his face off at his own carefully prepared joke.
The news comes only weeks after Anne Hathaway bought Poland and Sean Penn made the first of a series of down payments on Haiti.

Risky Business 2: The VD Files is due out in 2015.