HOLLYWOOD – The Chicken Game that is currently sweeping social media is to come to the silver screen with Universal signing a three-part picture deal with game creator 9 Gag.

The Chicken Game the ludicrously addictive image based game has taken over the internet this week with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rupert Murdoch admitting to serious Chicken addictions. Now they will be able to sate their poultry longings with a new franchise that Universal are looking to launch with firm potential across all demographics.

A source close to the studio said:

Angry Birds is the film that is going to make everyone see the market for this kind of crossover. The Chicken Game is perfectly set up for a movie. It has a built in three act structure; huge potential for merchandising and a complex role for a star actor. We’re hoping to get Orlando Bloom to play the chicken. Then trilogy because, you know, money.

The Chicken Game will be released in 2019.



HOLLYWOOD – Ridley Scott has confirmed that he will film a motion picture based on the popular app/game Candy Crush Saga by

Gladiator and Prometheus director Ridley Scott today confirmed he will be filming a new adaptation of the popular game Candy Crush, recently purchased by Activision. Scott spoke to the Studio Exec exclusively: 

I’ve always wanted to film something that is just about connections, patterns and confectionery, with no characters, no dialogue, just sweeties and shapes and stuff. And this looks like my chance.

Billed as a cross between The Parallax View and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Scott’s film is already in the late stages of pre-production. Scott told us:

The real problem was getting a story. Angry Birds you have a story, so that script wrote itself (well actually Cormac McCarthy wrote it) and I’m hoping to film it sometime late next year. Kevin Smith wrote a brilliant treatment for Monopoly but it was too obviously Marxist, so we had trouble selling that to the big studios. Candy Crush is colorful and exciting but where’s the story? Then I saw Battleship and it was like I had been hit by lightning. Eureka! We don’t need a story. We can just go ahead. We don’t need characters or any human emotion. Obviously I’d been experimenting with that kind of film with The Counselor and Prometheus but this will give me the scope to go all out.

Michael Fassbender is to play the yellow sweets whose paradisiacal home is threatened by the multicolored gobstoppers led by Kevin Spacey.

Candy Crush is due out late in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – The Angry Birds movie is going to be based on a classic Hollywood thriller, Cormac McCarthy revealed today.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Cormac McCarthy was more forthcoming about the details of the new Angry Birds movie and the fonts of inspiration.

 I had already written an Angry Birds script as a struggling novelist in the 1970s but no one knew what Angry Birds was. It took someone to actually invent the game for cell phones before people began to warm to the idea.  It is no secret that I have always been a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan and when Brian dePalma got in in touch I thought this would be a perfect fit. I mean only dePalma can give you that Alfred Hitchcock feeling that you need when you want to make a Hitchcocky film, but Hitchcock is you know, dead. The only question was which film to do.

What did you decide on?

Well, what you have to do is find a film that has a lot of Angry Birds in. We wracked our brains as you can imagine. Was there an Angry Bird in Rope? Dial M for Murder? I can’t remember. There were lots of dead birds in Psycho so that was a promising idea for a draft or two. I mean, Norman Bates is stuffing birds and those birds are not happy.

But surely…

I know what you’re thinking. North by North West!

No, I wasn’t.

We’re all thinking about that very closely, but then all of a sudden Martin Scorsese write me an email suggesting this obscure little known Hitchcock made called The Bards. I couldn’t even find it on IMDb but then it turned out that Scorsese had mistyped the title and it was The Birds. So now we had our idea and the script came so easy. Well, to be honest, I photocopied it.

The Angry Birds will be released in 2016.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


HOLLYWOOD – Following their collaboration on The Counsellor, Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy are looking to follow up the Angry Birds Movie based on the popular game.

According to a source close to the No Country for Old Men author, “Cormac has been fiddling with an Angry Birds movie ever since the game came out.”

Produced by Finnish computer company Rovio, the game consists of destroying pigs using the titular Angry Birds which are launched at increasingly complicated structures via catapult. Scott spoke to French cultural magazine Chapeau about the development of a filmable script:

At first when Cormac brought up the idea, I was frankly sceptical, but when I got to read the draft I realised that it was in fact a perfect match. Whether it’s The Road or Blood Meridian, Cormac has always been interested in the striving for freedom and survival and the violence that accompanies such striving.

In answering criticism that the material was too light for a novelist of McCarthy’s dark talents, Scott had this to say:

I totally understand that apprehension, but what you have to understand with the film we’re going to do is that when Cormac McCarthy writes Angry Birds, they’re really f*cking angry, these birds. Really.

Angry Birds will be released in early 2016.