HOLLYWOOD – We learnt today with sadness mixed with reverence and joy, that Roger Ebert renowned film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times who died this year at the age of seventy has bequeathed his thumbs to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and that said thumbs will be hosting the 2014 edition of the Oscars.

A spokesperson for AMPAS said:

Roger Ebert represents an inspiration to all who love film and it is a tribute to the man that so many people have been touched by his passing, just as so many ordinary people have been inspired by his love of film and life.   

It is unclear whether Mr. Ebert’s thumbs will be joined by Gene Siskel’s as a co-host although this is certainly the dream ticket.  Mr. Siskel’s thumbs were donated to the Smithsonian institute following his death in 1999. One thing is certain, whatever happens it can’t be anymore tasteless than Seth MacFarlane’s recent outing.