HOLLYWOOD – Amy Adams – the versatile Hollywood actress of The Master, Man of Steel, American Hustle and Arrival – came into the Studio Exec office to give us her top 5 Pop Tarts.

1. S’Mores: Amy Adams. ‘Sticky marshmallow and melted chocolate in one scrumptious pastry pocket, this is a traditional favorite in the the Adam’s household. Paul Thomas Anderson hates them.’

2. Frosted Strawberry. Amy Adams. ‘When we were making The Fighter, Christian Bale had lost a lot of weight for the role so I used to taunt him with Frosted Strawberry pop tarts. But the joke was on me. When we were doing American Hustle, Christian would gorge on them and I had to watch my figure, ha ha!’

3. Frosted Rainbow Cookie Sandwich. Amy Adams. ‘When people ask me what’s Jason Segel like in real life I always tell them he’s like a Frosted Rainbow Cookie Sandwich Pop Tart. It’s easier than telling the truth.’

 4. Cinnamon Roll. Amy Adams. ‘People wonder whether Trouble With the Curve was a misstep in my career, but I think when you get the chance of working with a genuine Hollywood legend like Clint you grab it with both hands.’

 5. Chocolate Chip. Amy Adams. ‘You know actually I don’t really eat Pop Tarts that much. I’m just copying these names of Wikipedia. Who knew they had a page devoted to Pop Tart flavors? It’s just I heard Jessica Chastain was doing a Hot Pockets top five for The Hollywood Reporter and anything that bitch can do, I can do a thousand times better.’

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HOLLYWOOD – Amy Adams – the versatile Hollywood actress of The Master, Man of Steel and American Hustle – came into the Studio Exec office to give us her top 5 external hard drives of 2016.

So Amy Adams! Hard Drives. Go!

1. The Buffalo Drive Station DDR: Amy Adams: “At 3 TB this drive has roomy capacity. Perfect for back up but also for storing all those whopping media files you might have illegally downloaded, you darn critters. It’s fast and super efficient. Though it can be a bit pricey, so you might want to ask yourself do I need all that space?” 

2. IoSafe Solo G3: Amy Adams: “Also providing 3 TB, the IoSafe is principally for back up. It’s a safe as houses Hard Drive with no frills.”  

3. LaCie 5Big Thunderbolt: Amy Adams: “Whereas the previous two gave you 3 TBs a piece, the Thunderbolt gives you a ginormous 20 TB, which basically means you can back up your own brain if you want to. However, be warned the price tag is as hefty as the memory capacity.” 

4. Toshiba Canvio: Amy Adams: “At the lower end of the market and very good value, we have the Toshiba. It only provides 1TB, but for most of us that is more than enough. Perfect for your personal computing needs, photos, media files etc.”

5. WD My Passport Ultra: Amy Adams: “This is the compromise buy. Those who want a little extra room but don’t want to pay the Ka-Boom!  I know for a fact this is what Paul Thomas Anderson uses to name but one of the many directors I’ve worked with.”

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HOLLYWOOD – Following the success of American Hustle and The Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell has announced that he is to digitally recast his old movies, beginning with Three Kings, with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert deNiro.

Three Kings is expected to be only the first of several of Russell’s older works to get the treatment:

Spanking the Monkey and I Heart Huckabees are both films that I would love to see Bob, Bradley and Jen be a part of. They’re such great actors and now that I’ve got them digitally, who wouldn’t want them in your movie?

How did you get them digitally?

It’s a very technical process, but basically you just film them saying all the sounds in the phonetic alphabet and going through a routine of gestures and facial expressions. Was a time it would’ve taken years, but now we can do it in about half an hour. Jennifer Lawrence took seven minutes.

What about the ethics of replacing actors who have performed for you?

Oh, that isn’t a worry. They were paid for their work and if you want to see George Clooney in Three Kings, there’ll be old DVDs knocking around somewhere. But in this version it’s fresh faced Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence instead of Mark Wahlberg. How can you possibly object to that? Plus to create continuity I’m also going to do the Fighter with Jennifer taking over Wahlberg’s role and Bradley Cooper as Christian Bale’s part.

Three Kings: Redux will be released in 2016.

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HOLLYWOOD –  Following American  Hustle and American Sniper, Bradley Cooper confirmed that his American trilogy will be concluded with American Hangover.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec, Bradley ‘The Face’ Cooper said:

I’m not exactly long in the tooth but I’d like to see this as my central acting achievement. American Hustle was about an underworld America. American Sniper is of course about America at war. And American Hangover is going to be exactly like the other Hangover movies, but with the word America in the title. We’re all very excited.

Does this have anything to do with Elvis’ American trilogy?

Yes and no. Mainly no.

What stage is the script at?

Well, we’ve photocopied the first half of Hangover 3 and we’ve just got to do the second half, cross out the title, write in the new title and we’re away.

That’s amazing.

Yeah, I know and the funniest thing about those films is that they keep paying us to do them. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that’s the only funny thing about them.

Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are set to return and Todd Phillips has agreed once more to direct. Philips told the Exec:

We are all committed to completing Bradley’s vision, saluting his diverse skills as an actor and money. Mainly money.

American Hangover will be released in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – Following American Hustle, Winter’s Bone and The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence – or Jafflepants as her fans know her – has become one of the most sought after and popular actresses of the Hollywood firmament.

But what do we really know about this Katniss Everdeen? Studio Exec fires some FACT arrows at the oligarchy of post-apocalyptic thing.

1. Jennifer Lawrence can’t walk for more than five steps without falling over, because she’s a terrible drunkard.

2. Her fans, who are devoted to her and frequently murder babies in her honor, know her as Jafflepants, a name that comes from repeating Jennifer Lawrence over and over again very fast while falling down a well.

3. Jafflepants’ trademark is her unpretentious ‘naturalness’. This is absolutely ‘Genuine’, a subsidiary of ‘Authentic’.

4. When Jack Nicholson approached her at an Oscar party while she was giving an interview, what he whispered to her was: ‘Do you want to come round to my house and look at my engravings?’ An invitation, Jafflepants accepted only to be surprised by the fact Nicholson’s engravings collections was so extensive.

5. Jennifer Lawrence almost never got the role of Katniss in the Hunger Games, because the director originally wanted William Shatner, but the author Suzanne Collins insisted that the then less famous actress was much more suitable for the role of the teenage girl, than the octogenarian fat man.

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HOLLYWOOD –  Oscar nominated and multi-talented actress, star of The Master, American Hustle and The Muppets, Amy Adams is also the Studio Exec resident Consumer Advice Expert. Today she’s tasting cheeses.

1. Edam – This Dutch cheese – originating from the town of the same name in the Netherlands –  is a mild cheese, with hardly any flavor and no smell. This is the cheese for people who don’t like cheese. Slightly salty and softer than some other mild cheeses such as cheddar. This is a very good entry level cheese, but cheese aficionados will find it somewhat insipid.

2. Brie – This beautiful French cow’s cheese with a soft white rind of mold is delicious eaten with a traditional crunchy baguette, but be warned there are a range of varieties and tastes and quality vary.  

3. Gorgonzola – Blue cheese is one of the things which most disconcerts David O. Russell, the director of The Fighter and American Hustle. But few know that I was actually born in Italy and this delicious Italian cheese is gorgeous with pears, celery or melted on bread or pasta.

4. Cheddar – The original Cheddar comes from a small town in Somerset, England. Christian Bale first brought me some of this cheese. He is a cheese maniac and can get quite angry. Many is the time he has interrupted filming with a strangled cry of ‘Who Touched my CHEESE?’ Perfect for ‘cheese on toast’.

5. Stinking Bishop -A relatively new cheese, first created in 1972, soaked in Perry with a high fat content. But be warned the smell is quite pungent and will put off many, but the taste is delicious. Incidentally, Robert de Niro eats nothing but Stinking Bishop.

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AMERICAN HUSTLE: REVIEWS – Christian Bale is FAT Robert de NiroBradley Cooper is Mean Streets Robert de Niro, Amy Adams is hot English female Robert de Niro and David O. Russell is Martin Scorsese in American Hustle.

Although set in recognizable Goodfellas territory, Russell’s crime caper is actually a hugely enjoyable romp with none of Scorsese’s dark anguish. The music, the costumes, the hair and the hair pieces are turned to eleven. The ensemble cast (including yet another out of the park performance by Jennifer Lawrence and an against type Jeremy Renner) are given freedom to quirk up their characters and bounce off each other. Hustle is jam packed with ‘nailed-it’ cameos (comedian Louis C.K. is particularly good) and moments of eccentric fun. If there’s one criticism, it’s that Russell is so intent on making his maverick cops, corrupt politicians and con (wo)men loveable, that the film becomes not only un-edgy but positively squishy. That said it’s sexy and witty and well done. 


HOLLYWOOD – Christian Bale was arrested in the early hours of this morning and charged with being in possession of a cruel face, according to officers of the LAPD.

He was apprehended while walking alone in the vicinity of the hotel where he was allegedly staying. An LAPD statement read:

A 39 year old Caucasian male was stopped by officers at approximately 2 AM Monday morning. When questioned the man replied politely that he ‘was taking the air’, but the officers on closer inspection decided that the man was in possession of a ‘cruel face, that looked like it would be scary to wake up beside.’

Various law enforcement agencies have begun to clamp down on  dead eyed expressions and people with sardonic smiles, as well as the usual suspects: ‘eyes too close together’, ‘face I want to slap’ and ‘looking funny’. It is believed Christian Bale fell into cruel face category. Face expert Jonty Piers said:

Bale looks like the kind of man who makes love in silence, emitting the occasional thin giggle. He probably watches It’s a Wonderful Life dry-eyed from start to finish. I’m not saying he’s a cruel man. I’m just saying his face looks like it belongs to a cruel man. 

Christian Bale will most likely get let off with caution, although if he is charged, then fully expect a Bale Bailed headline in the next few hours. 

American Hustle and Out of the Furnace both feature Christian Bale’s cruel face.