NEW MEXICO – Breaking Bad has hoisted itself to ‘the best thing on television’ shelf with an explosive final season that still has some way to go yet.

But many viewers have been left confused or will have only decided to start watching now that everyone is talking about it so here is our Studio Exec Who’s Who of all episodes up until episode 14 of Season 4. Spoilers included. 
So …

  • Walter White is this chemistry teacher with cancer who decides to deal meth, uses an old student to help him, cooks and sells meth, watches a girl die without intervening, murders some people, has someone else murder some people, poisons a kid, lies to his family, abuses his wife, coerces his wife into helping him, destroys his family, has his brother-in-law (who is a DEA officer) killed, has his erstwhile partner and pals around with Nazis.
  • Skyler White (Walter’s wife) is the villain of the piece. 

Breaking Bad screens on AMC or is available for illegal download pretty much anywhere. 


NEW MEXICO – Following the news earlier today that AMC have just green lit Better Call Saul comes the unexpected news that a second Breaking Bad spin off Smiler Skyler is also in the works. 

Anna Gunn will star in the prequel as Skyler White, Walter’s (Bryan Cranston) long suffering wife and will show her as a savvy business woman and home maker, before Walt got in the meth cooking business. The official studio synopsis reads:

Skyler White is an intelligent woman with a big heart and a fierce need to protect her family, through thick and thin. Watch as she dreams of one day owning a car wash. Gasp as she goes with Walt to Walt Jr’s PTA meetings. Laugh as she and Walter go to Hank and Marie’s house dressed as the Addams Family. No matter what life throws at them, this was a happier time… when Skyler smiled.

Fans have greeted the news with weak displays of half hearted okayishness and Vince Gilligan has denied any involvement.

Smiler Skyler will air early in 2014. 


Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has confirmed rumours that a spin-off of the award winning AMC show has been given the go ahead.

We sat down with Weiner at his LA office to talk about his upcoming project Mad Women.

Matt. What is the concept behind Mad Women?

Well, it’s complicated. I don’t want to reveal too much as it would ruin the surprise.

I see. I assume the series will be about the development of the advertising industry and how women begin to play a more dominant role?

Oh, it’s not going to be about advertising. By the time my story arc for Mad Men comes to a conclusion, I’ll have pretty much covered all of that ground. I want to explore new avenues, shake things up a bit.

Interesting. So what ideas are you currently working on?

There are various scenarios but they are all based around mental illness which is still very much a taboo subject. Lots of people in the world suffer from it but as a society, we tend to ignore just how big a problem it is. My aim is to address that problem.

And how will you be tackling such a difficult issue?

I have no idea. I’ve been trying to write the damn thing for months and so far I’ve got nothing.

But you’re due to start pre-production in three weeks. Surely you must have a script?

Nope. To be honest I’ve spent most of the time writing Haiku’s and playing World of Warcraft. What about you? You’re a writer. How would you tackle it?

Well off the top of my head I’d focus on the relationship between the 60’s feminist movement and the introduction of prescribed drugs such as prozac and the contraceptive pill and the increased availability of non prescribed drugs. Maybe set it in Beverly Hills and focus on a bunch of neurotic rich women. Kind of a Desperate Housewives meets Breaking Bad.

Wow. That sounds really interesting

Really? Well that’s just off the cuff I’m sure I could improve on the idea. Hell, maybe we could co-write it together!

You’d do that?

Do what? Take the opportunity to write a prime time show for AMC. Of course I would!

Well OK then.

So we have a deal?

Nah. You know I think I’m just going to do the women in advertising thing bla, bla, bla. They always say write what you know and it seems to be working for me so far. Thanks for the interview.

Oh. Well if I write a script based on my idea do you think you could get somebody at AMC to look at it?

Yeah sure. Call my secretary.

What’s her number?

Er. It’s in the book but she’s going on maternity leave for two years so better leave it until then.

Mmm…two years is a long time but it would be worth the wait. Thanks Matt.

Least I can do.