Shane Black announces Predator follow up Predator vs Predator.

Following the premiere of Shane Black’s new Predator film, the Lethal Weapon scribe already has plans for a follow up in the alien hunter franchise.

He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

We loved going back to Predator and we feel there is a real urge to explore this universe more. So of course we talked about a sequel. James Cameron phoned me and told me he already had a script for the follow up called Predators, but I told him we’d already done that. But fortunately he had another idea.

What was it?

Alien vs Predator was a really successful entry into the franchise. But Ridley Scott is using the Xenomorphs right now. So we decided to do Predator Vs Predator. 

Who is going to be in it?

Steven Wilder Striegel is playing one of the predators. And the Predator teams up with Olivia Munn and hunts him down.

Predator vs Predator will be released in 2020.


Johnny Cash meets Truman Capote, author of Battlefield Earth, who tries to get Cash to believe the kind of crap John Travolta and Tom Cruise believe. Unsuccessfully.

After the brilliance of Alien Versus Predator Paul Thomas Anderson returns to the screen with The Master.  Wacky Phoenix physicals it up with a Daniel Day-Lewis stoop, while Hoffers does the verbals. Magnificent lack of 3D and digital, with 70 mm camera work and genuinely beautiful visuals to a score by the guy from Coldplay or Radiohead. Idiots will be bored, but an ambitious and truly cinematic piece of work, as well as a vast improvement on The Three Musketeers.