LONDON – Scourge of the ladies and occasional actor Gerard Butler has signed on to play the role of Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson in Tom Hoopers’ Great Scot!

Ferguson, who announced his retirement earlier today, confirmed rumours that he was instrumental in casting Butler in the role.

They originally wanted an Englishman, Ralph Fiennes I think it was but I said I’d rather put two rabid ferrets up my kilt then have some soft sassenach play me on screen.

 A relaxed looking Ferguson continued:

I’ve met with Gerry several times and he’s perfect for the part. He’s a football man and knows the game inside and out but more importantly, he’s been trained in the use of fire arms.

Butler is said to be preparing for the role by drinking three bottles of red wine a day and practicing his gum chewing skills. An awe struck Butler said:

I don’t know how he does it. I’ve been drunk and chewing two packets of double mint a day for a week and I’ve already dislocated my jaw twice. The man’s skull must be made of cast iron!.

Joining Butler in Great Scot! is a veritable smorgasbord of acting talent. Already confirmed are Patrick Stewart who will play Ferguson’s mentor Jock Stein, Ben Affleck his former captain marvel Bryan Robson and Johnny Depp will take on the coveted role of French footballing wizard Eric Cantona.

We’re nearly there but there is still a lot of casting decisions to be made [said director Tom Hooper.] Currently I’m looking at Daniel Day-Lewis for Arsene Wenger, George Clooneyfor Jose Mourinho and Peter Dinklage is my number one choice for Rafa Benitez. It’s difficult though as I’m getting calls from everyone in Hollywood begging for a role. Last night David Beckham phoned asking if I’d consider him to play the part of Ryan Giggs!. The mind boggles but it would be nice for David to be involved so in the end I made the sensible decision and cast him as Rio Ferdinand.

Great Scot! Is due for release in 2014