HOLLYWOOD – Brian De Palma confirmed this morning that his long awaited follow up to his gangster classic Carlito’s Way will be released in Spring, 2014.  Titled The Way of Carlito, the movie picks up ten years after the end of the original and Al Pacino is once again back on board as the former heroin dealer trying to go straight.

The Studio Exec sat down for a pow-wow with De Palma to ask him about his plans for the sensational sequel.
What did you think of the 2005 prequel Carlito’s Way: Rise Power?
I thought it was horse shit and I mean that literally. When I was watching it I thought a horse had actually shit on my TV screen and I remember thinking. ‘How the hell did a horse get into my house?’ If I lived on a Kansas ranch, it wouldn’t be so weird but I live in a penthouse on Central Park and the horse would have had to operate the elevator or climb thirty flights of stairs.
Can you give us any plot details about The Way of Carlito?
Sure. If you recall the end of the first one Carlito is shot and everyone assumes he is dead but he didn’t die. He broke out of hospital and snook onto a boat bound for Hong Kong. There he spent the next ten years being trained in Kung -Fu and living a life of meditation and prayer with his wife Xiang Zu. When his wife is killed after stumbling across a drug deal between the triads and members of Benny Blanco from the Bronx’s crew, Carlito returns to New York to seek bloody revenge on Blanco and take down his criminal organisation.
It sounds like the part is very physically demanding. Did Pacino take much persuading to commit to what must have been a gruelling training regime?
Al has been on board from the beginning in fact it was him who persuaded me to do it. He’s not as fit as he was in his youth but he’s lost none of his desire. He’s been learning Kung Fu and lifting weights for around two years preparing for the shoot and admittedly he found it hard at first but he’s come on leaps and bounds. In fact, he’s mastered the martial arts to such an extent that we had to register him as a lethal weapon or they wouldn’t give us a permit to shoot in New York.
I assume there will be some extremely violent scenes. Do you think you’re going to have trouble with the censors?
Sure there is violence but no more than your average episode of Game of Thrones. Necks get broken, people get decapitated. It’s no big deal. We might have some trouble from the animal cruelty people over the scene were Carlito chops a cow in half but we’ll wait and see what happens.
He chops the cow in half with a chainsaw?
No. With his bare hands. It’s during a scene when Carlito is training in Hong Kong. We were going to find a way to fake it but Al insisted we had to be as realistic as possible so, when you see it, that’s really Al chopping the cow in half. I admit we went through 6 or 7 cows until he finally chopped one all the way through with one blow but we put the other ones out of their misery fairly quickly.
The Way of Carlito is due for release in 2014