HOLLYWOOD – Barack Obama today announces his first projects on Netflix.

President Barack Obama dropped by the Studio Exec bungalow to talk Netflix.

Hey Exec. How’s it going?

So Netflix eh?

Yeah, I know. It was Michelle’s idea really. We wanted to get away from politics and concentrate on something we’re both passionate about. We both love movies and documentaries, so we thought why not. Plus it’s something we can do together.

And you have some ideas already?

That’s exactly right. Our first project will be a remake of the classic thriller Air Force One.

Oh really? A remake?

But it’s going to be radical. In this one a former president has to kick another president off his plane. I’m actually thinking of taking a role in this. And we have Alec Baldwin playing the villain.

Okay. What else you got Pres?


Keep talking. 

Fantasy picture. With a flying castle and a throwing star. Plus we thought that we could do with some more horror stories featuring people of color so we’re developing a feature called Starbucks. Then we have Michael Moore who’s making a documentary/ reality show called Bob’s Full House. And we’re working on a project with Roseanne Barr and Tomi Lahern.

Oh really? That’s interesting. They’re not who I’d expect. 

We’re interested in taking people who don’t agree with us and listening to their point of view. It’s going to be like a non-stop talk show and it will stream live 24 hours a day from Antartica.

Air Force One is due to drop in 2019.