HOLLYWOOD – Aaron Sorkin is working on a remake of the Oscar winning The Artist.

Today, Aaron Sorkin announced this his next project will be a remake of the 2011 Oscar-winner The Artist.

The writer of the West Wing and Trial of the Chicago 7 spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I’m a big fan of the film. I love Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. They are superb. So I was nervous. Why go to the bother of ruining something that’s so perfect? Right?

Well, yeah.

That’s what I thought. But then it occurred to me that I could see a way of putting the Sorkin stamp on it. There was one area that the film really lacked. Can you guess what it is?

It’s in black and white?

No. Well, yes, now you mention it, it is in black and white. Okay two areas. Jesus, maybe the film isn’t that good after all. Anyway, the one that irked me was the lack of dialogue.

Well, it’s a silent movie. 

So you noticed too. I mean I consider myself something of an expert when it comes to the witty dialogue exchange. Quick fire. Arguments. Jokes. The whole shebang. As I’ve explained in EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW I’VE EVER DONE, I consider it to be like music. With its own rhythms and what not.

But the movie is supposed to be a tribute to the films of the silent era. 

Right. But without dialogue, I don’t even know how that is supposed to work.

Silent movies didn’t have dialogue. 

Fuck off.

It’s true. 

You mean to say there are a whole bunch of old films without witty quick fire screwball comedy style dialogue?

Erm. Yeah. Any film prior to 1927. 


Aaron Sorkin’s The Artist drops on Netflix one of the Januarys.


HOLLYWOOD – Jessica Chastain and Aaron Sorkin announce a sequel to Molly’s Game.

Molly’s Game 2 begins shooting in the new year with dream team Jessica Chastain and Aaron Sorkin both on board. Chastain came over to the Studio Exec bungalow to talk through the new movie.

We’re so excited by the new film. We knew after the end of Molly’s Game that there was more story to tell. The only problem was we knew that the poker angle had been used up. So we immediately began to look for a new game that Molly could engage with.

And so…?

We’ve come up with Connect 4. It has everything. Wit, chance, determination, little plastic things falling into a tray.

Right but…

But nothing Exec. Idris Elba is coming back . He did his best Al Pacino for the first film and for the second film he’s going to do the character as Dustin Hoffman.


I know. He’s the best actor of his generation doing a great impression of the best actor of the best generation of other actors.

And …

Let me finish for crying out loud. Jesus Christ, Exec, you’re a pain in the Chastain ass. Connect 4 will be the second of Molly’s Game and then we’ll have Twister and Ker-Plunk!

Molly’s Game 2 will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Following his prize-winning letter to his daughters about Trump’s election victory, West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin has written another missive.

This time, Aaron Sorkin address deceased Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen about his concerns:

Hi Leonard, 

It’s me Aaron Sorkin. You’ve probably enjoyed The West Wing and A Few Good Men, well I wrote the words to both of those. In the latter, Jack Nicholson shouts at Tom Cruise: ‘You can’t handle the truth!’ But you Leonard, throughout your work, you can handle it. And so here it is. Donald Trump has become President of the United States of America, or President-Elect, or whatever. I’m not going to get into technicalities. Shortly following this momentous, indeed calamitous news, you had the good sense to die. I have to say having followed you for all these years, you always knew when to leave the stage. It was in keeping with your wisdom.

All I can say is that we’re looking forward to the first fascist holding the highest office of the land. You talked about whistling past your daddy’s grave, the stuttering Hallelujah, the crack that lets the light in, the midnight choir, the coughing golden voice and your famous blue raincoat. You told us that the ship was sinking and the captain lied. So I guess it’s up to us now. I look to your legacy and I believe there is hope for America. I look at your beautiful novels, your poetry and your songs and I see an alternative America, of deep tradition, of deep thought, of generosity and breadth of sympathy. Such an America is possible.

I guess it’s called Canada.


A. Sorkin



NEW YORK – The new high-octane action movie Hardcore Henry is to have a Broadway adaptation written by West Wing and Newsroom writer Aaron Sorkin.

Inspired by Go Pro and a thousand point of view video games like Duke Nuke ‘Em, Ilya Naishuller’s Hardcore Henry is now going to have a  Broadway debut in New York written by award winning playwright Aaron Sorkin.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Sorkin spilled the beans about the new project:

I had a taste when I wrote Steve Jobs, because that film was very point of view and it was about someone who kind of turned his universe into a narcissistic reflection of super soldiers and mass violence and Adrenalin based yelling. So basically when I watched Hardcore Henry I basically thought: Haven’t I already written this film?

Is there anything you will need to change for the stage version?

No, nothing at all. I think as I was watching the movie, okay stage left, stage right. It seemed almost as if it was aching to get into the limitations of the stage. What many people don’t understand is that Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller was originally an arcade game. So this isn’t the first time we’ve done something like this. The audience will obviously see everything from Henry’s point of view, but in Hamlet don’t we see everything from Hamlet’s point of view?  The violence and the kinetic energy I’m confident we can reproduce as we did in Spider-Man the Musical.

Hardcore Henry will preview this Fall.


STEVE JOBS – SPOILER FREE REVIEW – Following the amazing Ashton Kutcher biopic, few could have considered the idea of doing another film about Steve Jobs, except perhaps the creative team of Aaron Sorkin, Danny Boyle and Michael Fassbender.

Did they do the iGenius credit? Or was this a hack job with little to interest those not taken in by the self-proclaiming hype of the Apple founder?

Find out in our SPOILER free review:

There’s this guy.

And some computers.

And he’s called Steve Jobs.

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HOLLYWOOD – No sooner had Kanye West at the MTV VMAs declared his candidacy for Commander in Chief, the President of the United States of America, than the poster for his new TV show The Kanye West Wing was released onto the internets.

Kanye West’s reboot of the NBC drama series The West Wing which ran from 1999-2006 and starred Martin Sheen as President Jed Bartlett is coming soon, retitled “The Kanye West Wing”.

The official NBC synopsis reads:


VMA Vanguard honoree Kanye West takes on the role of the First Black President Kanye West, who with his Chief of Staff Pharell Williams, tries to steer his top team of political advisors through numerous crises domestic and foreign. Secretary of State Miley Cyrus is good at her job, provocative and original, but her toxic relationship with Nikki Minaj (Secretary of Defence) and her jealousy of the first lady Kim Kardashian is proving too destabilizing. Can Kanye bring peace to the Middle East? Can Kanye cut the National Debt and cut unemployment? Yes he Kanye!

Initially Aaron Sorkin was hired to write the show, but Kanye and Sorkin fell out, with Kanye complaining:

He can’t write how I speak. No one can write how I speak. The only person who understands the words coming out of my mouth is me! So that’s who is going to do the writing and everything. Me!


Star-packed and full of great musical numbers The Kanye West Wing looks like being the best thing to watch until 2020 when we will get the real thing.

The Kanye West Wing will be broadcast this Fall.

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HOLLYWOOD – In a stunning trailer to the new Danny Boyle film, Steve Jobs we saw an unrecognizable Michael Fassbender, in the sense that he didn’t look anything like Steve Jobs.

The new Danny Boyle film is from a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, which is itself based on the bestselling Walter Isaacson biography. Fassbender wears Jobs clothes but has obviously decided to dispense with any attempt at uncanny resemblance. Seth Rogen has a beard but other than that he follows his co-star in looking nothing like Steve Wozniak.

Has to be said, this might be a good thing. Acting is not and never should be impersonation. For an example of the opposite going entirely wrong watch Anthony Hopkins in a fat suit for Hitchcock. The prosthetics were so exaggerated and distracting that I almost missed how ridiculous Hopkins’ accent was and how banal the script.

Michael Fassbender is appearing in a number of films this year, including Slow West and a new version of Macbeth, and he looks nothing like Macbeth.

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Steve Jobs will be released in October, 2015.



HOLLYWOOD – Many were bemused by the casting of Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs in the new Danny Boyle directed biopic of the Apple ‘genius’, but doubters are eating their words.

The Studio Exec can reveal the first look at Michael Fassbender as Jobs in the classic pose that also graced the cover of the Walter Isaacson biography that was published shortly following Steve Jobs’ death.

Resident Jobs expert Xavier Poulis had this to say:

It’s uncanny. I mean Michael Fassbender doesn’t normally look anything like Steve Jobs, but here in this first picture he is almost like a creepy doppelganger, perfectly mimicking not only the IT genius’ pose but his eyes, his ears, his nose, his hair line and his turtle neck sweater. Move over Daniel Day Lewis, sit down Christian Bale, shut up Robert De Niro: there’s a new actor capable of extreme physical transformation on the block and his name is Michael Fassbender.

Author Isaacson was flabbergasted at the transformation of the Irish/German actor into the whiz kid of tech valley. A close friend of the writer said:

It almost looks as if you’ve just taken a picture of Steve Jobs and you’re just saying it’s Michael Fassbender, when actually it’s still a picture of Steve Jobs. Utterly amazing! What an actor!

Scripted by Aaron Sorkin and produced by Scott Rudin, the production went through a lengthy development process with many actors vying for the lead role, even as criticism was heaped on the film for even daring to challenge Ashton Kutcher’s magisterial performance in the made for TV movie Jobs.

Steve Jobs will be released in 2016.



HOLLYWOOD – Sony emails reveal that beating out tough competition from male stars such as Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale, Natalie Portman has seized the prize and been cast as Steve Jobs in the new Universal film, Steve Jobs.

Based on Walter Isaacson’s top selling biography, the much anticipated film has been scripted by Aaron Sorkin, but has had some problems deciding on a lead. Christian Bale was initially tipped to play the part, but backed out leaving Sony in the lurch. The film project moved to Universal and Michael Fassbender was wide tipped to be in the front running for the part of the black turtle-necked one, but rumors were also rife that Samuel L. Jackson was interested in the role, giving us the first black Steve Jobs. Jackson told the Studio Exec that as Jobs’ father was Syrian it makes as much sense for him to play him as for a white actor. However, now all such arguments are moot as Natalie Portman has confirmed her commitment to playing the lead.

She told SE:

I admire Steve and I admire all he stands for. I am very proud to be getting the opportunity to turn that admiration into a performance that will go some way to cementing his reputation in the culture of today.

How have you prepared for the role?

I’ve been using my iPhone a lot, I can tell you!

Ha ha! But yeah, how are you going to prepare?

No that’s it.

What about critics who say you’re too female to play Jobs?

I think that’s very small-minded. I’m absolutely positive would be very supportive of the film if he knew about it. And I am told that he was a big fan of Leon and The Phantom Menace. I think I read somewhere that he thought the Phantom Menace was the best Star Wars film. I might have just made that up, so don’t print it.

The film’s director Danny Boyle said that he was a great admirer of Jobs but that the film would not be a hagiography.

Steve would not have wanted us to paint him as a saint. He was too intelligent not to understand his own limitations. That was part of his genius. So yes. We’re going to have the scene where he tells the Chinese to get tough on their workers and lower the production costs of the iPod.

Steve Jobs will be released in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – Former Apple chief and certified genius Steve Jobs will have role in Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron, Idris Elba revealed today.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Elba confided:

I can’t say too much because I’m already in hot water with Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige for shooting my mouth off. However, if you promise not to tell anyone I can tell you about the surprise star of the film, Steve Jobs.


Yeah. Steve has been taken up by Ultron (James Spader) and his death faked and he’s been helping Ultron and his plans for world and indeed inter-galactic domination.

Who plays Jobs?

What do you mean who plays Jobs? Jobs. It’s Steve Jobs. The actual guy.

I don’t understand.

Just the same way Ultron faked Steve’s death, so Kevin Feige and the cats at Marvel did the exact same thing for the real Jobs and now he’s paying them back by appearing in the latest Avengers. This will be the best resurrection since Jesus or at least Bobby Ewing.

That’s whack!

I know. But Marvel is now an all powerful organisation.

So Jobs is like an evil henchman?

At the beginning yes. He’s like the brainy guy, but what he really does is take all of Ultron’s original ideas and spins them from a design point of view and then takes all the credit. Like in the trailer when Ultron says ‘No strings on me’, Steve gives him that line. He is a branding genius.

How does Steve feel about Christian Bale pulling out of the Aaron Sorkin scripted biopic?

That was all Steve’s doing. You see he has always wanted to play himself in the film, so he would appear at Christian’s bedside every night growling and cursing until Bale gave in. Now Steve will appear, but for the sake of secrecy they’ll say it’s Daniel Day Lewis or Michael Fassbender. Steve’s psyched about the movie because he loves Seth Rogen.

Avengers Age of Ultron will be released in 2015.



HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino‘s legal battle with internet site Gawker has only just begun but already Aaron Sorkin has scripted a legal drama on the subject entitled The F*ck You Network.

Well known for his topical film-making, David Fincher is on board to direct and had this to say earlier today. 

Quentin Tarantino is an icon of a backward looking postmodernity and Gawker is all that is new and disturbing in our online culture. Coming head to head like this is going to make for a genuine clash of the titans. The minute I read Aaron’s script I knew I had to do it. He’s captured the dazzling verbal facility of the Reservoir Dogs director as well as the irreverent invective of Gawker. And he does the whole thing in walk and talks. No conference rooms.

Isn’t it too early for a film on the subject?

No. If anything, I’m worried we missed the boat. I know for a fact that Ron Howard and Peter Morgan are working on a rival project called Tarantino/Gawker.

Can you tell us something about the plot? 

Sure. Sorkers has gone back to his A Few Good Men days. Tarantino is the washed up wunderkind who sits at home smoking dope and writing screenplays in biro cos he thinks it’s cool. He’s writing this Hateful Eight screenplay and Gawker are the goofy trendy kids who kind of go too far.

Will Quentin Tarantino appear in the film as himself?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No.

 The F*ck You Network will be released in 2015. 


HOLLYWOOD – John Goodman revealed that he spent time in the hospital as a result of his preparation to play Steve Jobs in  a new feature film called jOBS

Goodman said that he wanted to reproduce a faithful portrait of the tech innovator and tycoon and so took to one of Jobs’ infamous fruitarian diets. Speaking at Sundance, Goodman remarked:

 First of all, the fruitarian diet can lead to, like, some severe issues. I ended up in the hospital like two days before we started shooting the movie. I was, like, doubled over in pain. My pancreas levels were completely out of whack, which was really terrifying … considering everything.
 The film debuted last Friday at the film festival in Utah to somewhat mixed reactions, including questions about the casting of John Goodman. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said: “I don’t really know if Goodman is right for the role. I know I’m going to be biassed but his accent is off.”
Aaron Sorkin is prepping another movie of Jobs’ life, produced by Sony Pictures and based on Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of the late Apple CEO and founder. Jack Black is rumoured to be preparing for the role.