HOLLYWOOD – Who knows Bradley Cooper? What is he like deep down? Beneath the face, above the pancreas, three finger lengths from what he knowingly describes as ‘the happy farm’?

Well, the Studio Exec have unearthed FIVE facts to add to your factotum pole of truth in A Place (I don’t know) perhaps Beyond the Pines.

  1. Bradley Cooper means literally: ‘barrel maker who’s also called Bradley’ (some site on the internet). In the whole of the USA, there are only two Bradleys. The second is Bradley Pitt. 
  2. People Magazine recently named the BC (as he prefers to be known) ‘the sexiest man alive’, which was a definite advance on 2004, when People Magazine called the then little known actor ‘the sexiest man from Pennsylvania’.
  3. To prepare for his role as a bipolar sufferer in The Silver Linings Playbook Bradley went to the Antarctic and the North Pole. He said, ‘It didn’t help at all. I guess I just got the words mixed up, or something.’
  4. When making The Hangover Part Two, Bradley Cooper refused to learn the script and simply recited the script from the first film. No one noticed the difference. 
  5. Whilst filming The A-Team, Bradley Cooper took advantage of working  with esteemed actor Liam Neeson to ask him advice on his art. Mr. Neeson apparently said, ‘Get paid as much as possible and do as little as you can.’
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