ROME – Tree of Life director Terrence Malick starts filming new Jesus film in Rome.

Following the premiere of A Hidden Life at Cannes, Terrence Malick is already working on his new film: a parable telling the life of Jesus. Starring John Turturro in the iconic role from The Big Lebowski, the film tells the story of Jesus’ life through a series of parables. No longer shy of interviews, Malick spoke directly to the Studio Exec via Skype. And yes, he was wearing a hat.

I’ve always loved the work of the Coen Brothers, especially the early funny ones. And I met John at a party and he told me how he’d been trying to get this spin off going for years, but without success. I said that I was free. I read the script and I really liked it. But as usual I’ll be throwing it out the first day of shooting and asking my actors to wander around looking glum as I scribble down words for the voice over.  john turturro

Why don’t you just shoot the script?

Fuck off.

When will the film be about?

The idea is that Jesus is disturbed by losing the regionals to the Dude and Walter so he has a real crisis of identity and he goes to Italy to find God. It’s like Eat Pray Love but with bowling.

No one Fucks with the Jesus is out in 2020.