MOSCOW – Bruce Willis revealed yesterday that his new outing as John McClane will break new ground for Hollywood in on screen death.
‘Usually snuff movies come out of places where life is cheap,’ said the old Moonlighter himself. ‘But fortunately we had a really big budget and so even though life isn’t that cheap in Russia, we still managed to off some extras.’

The new outing sees McClane going to Russia to fight somebody about something. ‘I’m a bit long in the tooth,’ said the Twelfth Monkey. ‘So instead of hiding the fact, we used it for comic purposes. I say, a couple of times in fact, I say, “I’m getting too old for this shit” and you see the audience will think “oh that’s good because he is kind of a little bit too old for doing this, shit as it were.” You see? I’m saying what people are thinking that perhaps I’m too old for this shit.’

At this point, Willis dozed for a few minutes and then woke up fresh and really quite alert, but unsure of who I was. According to John Moore the director of A Good Day to Die Hard (‘excellent title by the way,’ says Willis brightening for a moment), no one was actually killed during the filming. ‘I think Bruce got a bit confused when some of the stunt men were blown up,’ says John. ‘They were fine afterwards but he seemed bewildered. Although we did shoot a few people with real bullets. Perhaps we did kill two or three but no more than that. Six tops. Or seven.’

A Good Day to Die Hard is out next year.