MONTREAL – Ever since David Cronenberg’s psycho-analytic comedy A Dangerous Method burst onto the screen to the joy and jubilation of cinema-goers the world over, the question has not been will there be a sequel, but when will there be a sequel? The answer came today: March 14th 2013.

‘The idea for the first film had really been inspired by the Carry On comedies of Great Britain,’ the Canadian Cosmopolis spluttered. ‘We were all getting a bit bored with the script and then Keira said to Michael “why don’t you give me a jolly good spanking?” and he did and I shouted, “Cut! Print it” and we were off!’

Carl and Sigmund are back in the saddle for another romp. This time the psychiatric prats go on holiday to Torremolinos in Spain to take a rest from all their analyzing only to find that they’ve booked into a hotel that is hosting the Annual European Nymphomaniac Conference. High jinks ensue and Michael Fassbender has revealed that there will be more spanking. 
Viggo Mortensen (who has recently become the King of New Zealand CLICK HERE) said, ‘It’s a right old lump of stupids. But it’s fun and for the intellectuals in the audience, there’ll be tits galore!’

A Dangerous Method 2: Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cock is due for release March 14th, 2013.