VENICE – The 74th Venice Film Festival is underway.

Day One of the Venice Film Festival and the sound of hammers striking wood and the smell of fresh paint is everywhere on the Lido. The place looks a lot better. The Lovecraftian hole that had been a feature of the festival for the last few years has been filled in. The toxic materials have been transported to Austria where even now Michael Haneke is transforming them into what he likes to call ‘comedy’.

The next ten days have a lot to recommend them but here are some highlights.

  • George Clooney will be directing a movie with Matt Damon called ‘It’s Not Monument Men’
  • Alexander Payne has a new film with Matt Damon called ‘It’s Not the Informant’
  • Darren Aronofsky has come out of retirement with a film that radically doesn’t star Matt Damon
  • There’ll be a film from Denmark that will be brilliant but no one will ever see outside of the festival and Denmark

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