HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars genius George Lucas is in the final stages of preparing a newly remastered version of the Stanley Kubrick Science Fiction masterpiece 2001: a Space Odyssey.

The new version – 2001: a Space Odyssey: Special Edition – has been completely remastered and new CGI effects have replaced all the practical effects of the originals. Lucas enthused EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec today:

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Kubrick original but there were always a few things which took away from my enjoyment and I imagine also distracted other people. For instance the monkeys never looked realistic to me. So I got Andy Serkis in to do some motion capture and now all the monkeys are fantastic. Being CGI they can do much more acrobatic things as well and fly. 

Other changes include:

  • Re-editing to show the monolith shot first.
  • A brand new score by John Williams.
  • A voice over by Sir Anthony Hopkins from a script by Damon Lindelof, explaining all the difficult bits.
  • CGI spaces ships and space station. 
  • CGI aliens at the conference on the moon, including a Jabba the Hutt cameo.
  • An alternative ending replaces the Stargate sequence and which has Dave Bowman attacking the Monolith Star and using the Force to murder everyone.

2001: a Space Odyssey: Special Edition will be released in 2017.


Our regular columnist Terrence Malick considers the work of director Stanley Kubrick.

Yo! Yo! YO! From the M to the A to the L to the I … this is too long. It’s me, Malick T. Your favourite Director/MC. Bringing da noise for da girls and da boys, for da bitches and hos there’re strong female characters I suppose. Yo Yo YO!

So everybody be talking about this dude Q-Brick, like he some kinda God, like he da man and everything. Well, I don’t know bout dat. I done watch his punk ass films and I gotta tell you dey were rank. Take Dr. Strangelove. Supposed to be a Goddam porno, asshole don’t even bother getting out of his wheelchair to till the last shot! What’s up with dat?

2001: a Space Odyssey looks nothing like 2001. A Clockwork Orange, I was thinking aw, nice, a children’s film. It’s just a bunch of Goddam rape. And The Shining? The Shining? If ever a film needed J.J. Abrams’ magic touch it was The Shining.

No, I don’t get it. Q-Brick had a beard. I get it. But making films? No dice pal. Whenever one comes on the TV my Eyes are Wide Closed motherfckers! You feel me?
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LONDON – Three brand new Stanley Kubrick films are due to be released in the next five years, according to film producer and long-time Kubrick collaborator Jan Harlan.

The films – which have been prepared from the thousands of feet of unused footage and using earlier drafts of scripts – will officially be credited to Kubrick as director. Jan Harlan, who was also Mr. Kubrick’s brother-in-law, spoke exclusively to the Studio Exec:

Stanley always shot enough footage for every film to make two or three films on top of the one released. Many of these shots were simply repetitions of the same scenes, with slight variations. But some of this footage represented a wildly different version which can be pieced together into what is effectively a different film. Three films in fact.

The films to be released are: 

1. The Shindig: Reconstructed from an earlier draft of the classic Stephen King horror novel, The Shindig comes from the alternative takes Stanley Kubrick made Jack Nicholson do of The Shining in a lilting Irish accent.

JH: ‘The Shindig really is a delightful family comedy in which Jack O’Torrance arranges a party for all the old ghosts and magical topiary animals, helped by his son Danny and his invisible friend Tony, played by Frank Oz. It will challenge the views of everyone who thought of Kubrick as a pessimist.’

 2. Barry Rock On: The Thackery novel was originally filmed as a stellar rock opera, but after some abysmal test screenings, Kubrick got cold feet and took out all the songs, replacing them with a dour Michael Horden voice over.

JH: ‘BRO is wonderful 18th Century Rock Opera and a testament to its times, with performances by Shakin’ Stevens, Abba, The Sweet and Queen, who reused the theme song from the film ‘Barry (Saviour of the Universe)’ for the Flash theme.’

 3. Eyes Wide Open: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman play self-made millionaires and private detectives Jonathan and Jennifer Hart who one winter in New York, find themselves in the midst of a conspiracy.

JH: ‘The funny thing here is our Hart to Hart reboot, the one you’ll see now, was the actual film Stanley intended to release, and therefore would have been his last film. However, Stanley had never acquired the rights, assuming he would get them later. When the film was complete, it turned out that Robert Wagner bitterly hated Stanley because he thought A Clockwork Orange wasn’t violent enough. With a deadline looming, Stanley had to re-cut the film and obfuscate or eliminate any reference to Hart to Hart, all in a mere two weeks, which explains the weirdness that Eyes Wide Shut became.  

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