GREECE – Syrian refugees have joined together and celebrated Leonardo diCaprio’s best actor win at last night’s Oscars, saying that it was long over due.

They haven’t had much to celebrate since fleeing the civil war in Syria but today all that was briefly forgotten as refugees organised impromptu parties to celebrate Leonardo diCaprio’s Oscar win at the Academy Awards last night.

A spokesperson for the Syrian refugees talked to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We have suffered hardship beyond belief. Many of us have seen our homes destroyed, our families torn apart. We have crossed winter seas and we have risked everything only to arrive in a Europe which is turning against us. However, all of that is put in perspective when we consider that Leo diCaprio had to wait all this time until he was 41 before getting his hands on the Oscar. There were some among the refugees who believe that The Revenant wasn’t even that great a movie and that Leo should have won for The Wolf of Wall Street. I loved Shutter Island personally, but all the same. This makes everything right.

Isis have since issued a statement saying they wanted Eddie Redmayne to win, thus proving that they are once more beyond the pale.

Tomorrow these people will once more face an uncertain future, but tonight they are united in celebrating for a cause that is bigger than all their problems put together.

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