STOCKHOLM – Tomas Alfredson – the renowned director of such films as Let the Right One In and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – has vowed to remake all of David Fincher’s films in Swedish, starting with Fight Club, or Kampa Klubb as it will be called.

Alfredson – who had his own vampire film remade as a quite good American language version – said:

I consider Fincher and his ilk cultural imperialists of the worst kind. They come to our country and steal all our best ideas and then they swan around going “hey look at me! I’m a great original director!” Well, if I meet David, I shall say to him “how do you like those biscuits (meaning Kampa Klubb), you filthy fool?!” 


When I mentioned that Alfredson had himself made an English language film, the director just repeated my question in a high pitched ‘girly’ voice.

Kampa Klubb will be followed by Syv and Den Nyfiken Fall Av Benjamin Knapp in the next two years.

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