There follows an appeal from Christopher Nolan:

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Hi there! Christopher Nolan here. Chris. Call me Chris. Not Chrissy. Chris. Hi. Anyhoo. I’m the director of such films as The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. You remember them, right? Yeah, course you do. Well, I got a new film I want to make called Interstellar which will blow your socks off, but in order to make it the way I want to make it, I’m going to need at least 150 million dollars! I know that’s a lot of moolah. This is where you come in. 

Why Kickstarter Chris?

Good question me. It’s partly because I’m really impressed by this innovative and revolutionary  way of financing and the freedom that it allows artists such as myself to truly innovate and revolutionize, especially because it means you basically pay twice for the same thing, and the way you – without much money – give me – with a lot of money – more money. Now that’s blue sky thinking.

And what is Interstellar Chris? 

Woah, easy there. Although giving me money to make the film makes you a part of the creative process in a very real and meaningless way, don’t think you’re going to be sitting down with me in meetings or anything. It’s a film; I direct it; it’s got a lot of stars in it all of whom willing be working for maximum pay. Now shut up and click that button. 

What’s in it for me? 

Jesus Christ! I don’t know, a DVD or something. A t-shirt maybe. Oh I know, you can come and be an extra if you like. We usually have to pay for those, but if you want to come and do it for free, even better. But now thinking about it, that’s a real privilege so you’ll have to pay us a lot, I’m talking $2500, and provide you’re own transportation. Oh, and don’t try to talk to me, and when I walk by you look at the Goddam ground.  

How do I pledge? 

That’s easy. You just click the button and fill in all the details and before you know it we’ll be taking money from your bank account and making dreams (to then sell back to you)! 

Well, that’s it from me. Remember to pledge and as my friend (I don’t really know him) Zach Braff always says: always close with a picture of a kitten! LOL! (I think)!

Pledge or I will be killed


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