Tuesday 26 May 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – The new Marvel superHero movie Super Tuesday has been put on hold, because it might be ‘crap’.

Super Tuesday – one of the more obscure superhero movies in the Marvel Universe – has been put on hold because the Marvel Studio team ‘do not feel it is up to the quality of recent productions’. A source close told the Studio Exec that the decision was taken late last night after weeks of discussion:

The feeling was that it was simply going to end badly. Super Tuesday could go one of several ways, but in the end it was too risky because the possible outcomes were all too ghastly. People want Thor, or Iron Man, or even Deadpool but Super Tuesday could be all of them put together and then something else. It was weird. Even the concept art was frightening. People were revolted by the prospect. And it wasn’t a financial decision. We could shit on a biscuit and people would buy it. No. It was more moral than anything. Someone said it best when they said they would live better knowing this thing wasn’t going to happen.

Super Tuesday won’t be coming out in 2017.

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