NEW YORK – As a mere newcomer to the film blogging site business game, Studio Exec has been remiss in not including at least seven lists every day of the top five/ten/one hundred of something or other film related lists list.

So here we have the top five list of all time lists.

  1. List of crap movies from the Eighties that really ought to be remade. As if swine such as I needed any encouragement whatsoever to go back to that particular trough, you actually want to do my market research for me? Thanks. 
  2. The Sight and Sound top 100 list. This list was in the news recently because some old film was replaced by another old film and half of us pretended to have a tizzy and the other half had a tizzy about them having a tizzy. Like children would die as a result of it. And this from the more high-minded part of the community? Sheesh.
  3. List of people who could direct the new Batman movie. Nolan flukes out and actually makes three comic book movies that can be watched and appreciated by people who haven’t been lobotomised and we want to go back to the well and see if next time we can’t fuck it up? Be my guest, I suppose.  Woody Allen has my vote.
  4. The top seven must disgusting deaths in the Final Destination/Saw/Hostel/… series. We all love watching teenagers being split, but really? Ranking them?
  5. Schindler’s List. Fuck you. I liked it. And unlike the rest, it did actually mean something.

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