HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec has decided to refrain from engaging anymore with Donald Trump.

The atmosphere in the Studio Exec Bungalow can only be described as ‘inconsequential’ and perhaps ‘moist’. Ever since the 2016 election, the minds of all involved with the media behemoth that is the Studio Exec have been bent out of shape by the bloody insult on intelligence which saw the beginning of the Trump Presidency. This has created an almost psychotic addiction to Trump news and a Pavlovian response to every tweet, article and whiff of scandal. And when we say whiff, we mean belch.

But enough is enough. The fact is we’re tired. Frazzled. Miffed. And bored and irritated. And our mental health is suffering.

We need to get back to the head days of Batfleck! And the thing where we all got angry about the Fast and the Furious films no longer using ampersands.

So we’re taking a week off. Actually, probably more.

We’re going to reengage with the world of cinema and entertainment. Re-calibrate. We reserve the right to break this moratorium should anything funny happen. Or outrageous. Or whatever. Which we all know is going to happen. But we’re trying goddamn it. We really are trying.

But we’re going to consciously try to do a lot more Krull and a lot less Kellyanne.

In return we ask you dear reader to help us and reward us in every way you can. Follow us on twitter, if you don’t already. Like our Facebook page, if you don’t already. And don’t be shy about getting in touch if there’s anything you’d like us to do that we’re not doing.

Best of luck. The Studio Exec TEAM.

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