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HOLLYWOOD – Season 2 of Stranger Things will be penned by Stephen King, it was revealed today.

It was the hit of the Summer. A genuinely thrilling Netflix Original Series and everyone was crazy for it, with many commenting on how it was like vintage Stephen King filmed by vintage Steven Spielberg. Well now that comparison seems to have paid off as Stephen King, a declared fan of the show, has volunteered to script the entirety of Season 2 of the show. Brothers Matt and Ross Duffer announced the news EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec and had this to say about the collaboration.

Ross spoke first:

King is of course one of our idols so to actually have him approach us was an unbelievable moment. We jumped at the possibility.

Matt added:

Of course we’ll maintain some creative control as show-runners, but who are we to second guess the master? I foresee a great Season 2.

Both brothers however refused to comment on the rumors that Stephen Spielberg was going to guest direct an episode. ‘That would be too much like crossing the beams, if you know what I mean, but hell, if it could happen…’

Stephen King himself has remained coy about the second season, but did let on that it would have something to do with Pennywise knocking over Cujo with Christine while pulling out of the Overlook Hotel parking lot.

Stranger Things returns early next year.

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  1. So this is what passes for satire these days? Writing fake things that sound plausible but not actually including any actual satire? Chad Sternberger, please accrue some actual talent before writing anything else because this is the lowest brand of click-bait ass-hattery.

    1. Your criticism is a fair one Aaron. Sometimes you have an idea and it doesn’t quite work out. Other times things go sweetly. I was meaning to put in a bit more, something about Cujo and Pennywise driving Christine to the Overlook Hotel to collect some Needful Things but I don’t know then things have been getting me down lately and I guess I forgot. You see it’s just me here. Sure Lenny Delowitz drops in now and then to lend a hand but I’ve been doing this day in day out for three or four years… you see? I’ve even forgotten how long. And the quality is not always as high as it should be. A post doesn’t go by without three or four terrible typos. All I’d say is if you clicked on some of the other stories you might find something you like. Please try. Otherwise, I don’t know if I can go on. Seriously.

      1. When you get too down, head to the Bar, chat up the Bartender. Hack off a few limbs, heads, and then when the police haul you off you can scream “I was just playing!”

      2. I do sincerely hope you hang it up, I’m not trying to sound mean and I don’t mean to pile on while it sounds like you’re questioning your whole existence, but stuff like this is what is wrong with the Internet. There’s zero humor in this and I’ve seen some pretty smart people sharing this as if it was true. Sites like this and empire news, spreading BS like this for clicks, reaping the benefits of page clicks and masquerading as satire, are truly a plague on the Internet.

        I wish you a good life of doing some good in the world, instead of whatever this is.

      3. OK Chad, I did as you bid and randomly clicked on one of your other articles “Miley Cyrus to Play Anne Frank” and I’m happy to report that it was damn funny and just what I look for in a satirical article.

  2. Satire should be at least vaguely clever and funny. What you are doing is just straight up LYING for clickbait. That makes you, in addition to being a hack, a dirty garbage fire of a human being who should be ashamed. But since you’re okay with posting clickbait garbage like this, I’m sure you won’t be.

  3. This show has way more of Dean Koontz feel than Stephen King. I like Uncle Stevie, but so tired of him getting all the credit.

  4. This got me so excited, as its complete lack of humor reads as fact. Is this seriously what passes for satire these days? A fairly believable lie written as journalism with nary a wink, nod, or joke in sight? No wonder trump is making out so well.

  5. Hey give the guy a break already. It may be subtle satire, but be that as it may, you don’t pay his salary (unless he’s getting paid with clicks) and as long as his editor is okay with it, who cares?

    I’m fine with it as long as he doesn’t jump the shark with Ghostbuster references or….. hey, waitaminutttte…..!

  6. This is a bad attempt at satire but let me pose one question: Are we sure this isn’t Stephen King to begin with? Long time fans know how much he loves writing under pen names and this show, as much as I adore it and I DO, has Stephen King written all the heck over it. Just not in the credits.

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