Thursday 29 October 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Netflix have announced the sequel to Stranger Things will be filmed in 3D.

“What’s more 80s than 3D?” said show creators the Duffer brothers, simultaneously.

Forget all the Avatar nonsense when you put on the chunky plastic glasses, you spend the entire movie squinting and everything looks grey. We want the old school paper glasses with the red and green lenses experience. Remember Jaws 3D when he smashes through the window? We wet ourselves when we saw that in the cinema. Hell, a little bit of poop came out too.

The Duffer brothers went on to say they are currently working with Apple to create a 3D app:

We want the viewer to be able to click a button and it instantly gives their eyes the ability to see in 3D. It might sound like science fiction but Apple have been doing some tests on beagles. They showed them the 3D version of the remake of Clash of the Titans and four out of the five test subjects howled with approval. At least, we think it was approval, it could have been pain, it’s difficult to say as nobody can really speak dog.

Rumour has it that if the experiment with 3D goes well, Netflix have a raft of shows lined up to be given the three dimensional treatment:

“We’re seriously considering making season six of Orange is the New Black 100% 3D,” said a spokesman.

And as it’s going to be set in an alien prison on the moon in the year 2085, we think 3D technology will really bring the graphic inter-species sex scenes to life.

Stranger Things 2 is due in 2017


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