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HOLLYWOOD – Movie industrialist, Steven Spielberg has announced he is making a prequel to Hook.

Spielberg will be making the Hook prequel right after shooting the fifth Indiana Jones film. The Studio Exec sat down to talk with the director.

Steven, can you tell us about your next project?

I’ve been looking at the numbers for Hook and it made a shit ton of money. Because of that, they gave the money to make my little independent film called ‘Jurassic Park’. Have you ever heard of it?

Umm, I believe so. That made over 1 billion dollars worldwide:

Did it?! My movies don’t normally make much money, so that’s really cool. Anyway, Hook has been the one film I’m still proud of, you know? I thought people don’t know enough about Neverland and wouldn’t it be great if we told the story before Hook. We will find out what happened to Wendy and the Lost Boys. It will be a massive hit. Because it’ll be unlike anything we’ve ever seen on screen before.

That sounds like Peter Pan by J M Barrie:

J M Who?

J M Barrie wrote the original book, Peter Pan and it was a big hit. That’s why you made Hook:

The fuck you talking about?

Your film was a sequel to Peter Pan:

Whatever you say, my friend. How about I make a sequel to Jaws? But this time, we’ll set it in a water park. We can make it in 3D, because of the tech we now have. Therefore, it’ll be called ‘Jaws 3-D’.

They already made that in the 80s:

Really? Ok. So how about this? An orphaned boy lives with his mean Uncle’s family. He sleeps under the stairs. So one day, he finds out that his Mum and Dad were actually Wizards and he learns how to become a Wizard. The title’s ‘Barry Totter Goes To Bobwart’s’.

Spielberg’s totally original Peter Pan starts shooting after he wraps on Indiana Jones 5.

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