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HOLLYWOOD – It’s the news all Cheaper by the Dozen fans have been waiting for: Steve Martin has finally agreed to come on board for what promises to be very literally the concluding film in the hilarious trilogy.

The zany star was a hard man to convince according to director Shawn Levy.

Steve is an artist and as such he is dead against reprising a role only for the sake of money. His three magic words are originality, originality, originality. I needed to give him a compelling story, an intelligent and nuanced script, and moral that he could get behind. I think Cheaper By the Dozen 3 will deliver on all fronts.

Once more Martin plays Tom Baker, the wacky dad of twelve kids. Following on from what many claim to be the funniest film ever made, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, the new film sees the cast reunited with Bonnie Hunt once more in the role of Tom’s fecund wife and Hilary Duff (among others) as members of their cute brood.

“The new film is going to be dark,” Duff said. “We are catching up with the family some years down the line and things have not gone well. There have been drug overdoses, serial infidelity and several suicide attempts. And some of the older kids aren’t doing too well either.”

Cheaper By the Dozen 3 begins filming in 2017.  

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    1. Bullshit is right this is the stupidness thing I have ever heard dark wtf hey iI’d like to see a cheaper by the dozen 3 but Com on are you kidding me what are these people stupid and the question is who is the drector Shawn adams I’d rather have ben stiller instead of that guy by the way put a new real celebrity like Tim allen or Eddie Murphy Jim Carrey somones people like to see

    2. Cheaper by the dozen 3 and many more
      The murtaugh and baker have a big family together between murtaugh and baker to in cheaper by the dozen 3 and baker kids and murtaugh kids to be together one more want the baby for Noah want the baby name and let name to

  1. This can’t be real, infidelity drugs and suicide attempts in Cheaper by the Dozen just do not compute, and if it is real it likely won’t get made due to lack of actors willing to reprise their roles

  2. is there really another Cheaper by the Dozen
    I really hope so as I have 1 and 2 Cheaper by the Dozen

  3. This would be so good they should have Sarah and Elliot about to get married and the dads go at it that would be hilarious

    1. This is my most favorite show ever and I always wanted a big family and is it filming now or is it finished filming it I really wanted to know

  4. I’m currently watching CBTD2 and I wanted to know if a third one was being made so I googled it and came across this … “article,” which almost had me convinced until it got to the Hilary Duff quote. At that point I immediately noticed at the top of the page that this is a SATIRE website. Google should really figure out a way to put a label on these things from the search engine because I’m sure hundreds (maybe even thousands) have stumbled on this article and have no idea that it’s fake. If you’re gonna try and be The Onion at least TRY to be original and funny. Nothing against this particular site personally, I’m just tired of being inundated with satire articles in my Facebook feed and at the top of Google search results.

  5. I hope so I love love love cheaper by the dozen one and two. I think Taylor laughter has a vibe with Sara baker. ;{)

  6. I don’t think it is going to come out. It is already June 2015 and there isn’t one so I have lost all hope.

  7. This is outrageous article. Like are u STUPID . Its 2016 and still nothing. THIS IS FAKER THAN A TWO DOLLAR BILL. YOU INCOMPETENT CUNT NUGGET!!!!!

    1. Flott at du koser deg i ferien. 🙂 Snart, om en drøy uke blir det ferie for flere av oss. Den benken har jeg sittet og spist skniillgsboller pÃ¥ noen ganger gitt.

  8. Hell Yes… I surely will love to see another Cheaper By The Dozen and I will be crossing my fingers for the original cast members to come back for a lot more fun. Now that is something that I can see happening and that is for sure

  9. I would love it if a 3rd one came out!!! I own 1&2 and I loved them both!!! I’m hoping we get a 3rd one!!! But what year is it going to come out?? I seen on Google maybe in 2018 so we will see!

  10. this is fake.. drugs? suicide attempts? I thought this movie was supposed to be funny until it turns out to be sad and bad drugs ;-;

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