HOLLYWOOD – Yet more scorching rumors from the Star Wars standalone dream factory.

Christopher Nolan has confirmed he is working with his brother Jonathan on The Darth Knight which he describes as a “Potentially cataclysmic collision between the Batman and Star Wars Universes”.

“We just don’t know what will happen,” said a worried Nolan.

The fear is that if these two universes collide they will create a black hole and all matter will be sucked in, destroying the planet and reality as we know it. On the other hand the potential is there to make several billion dollars so the physicists at CERN are currently using the Hadron Collider to simulate the event. If they come back and say there is no risk of us causing the apocalypse we’ll start pre-production next year. If they say there is a risk, well, chances are the studio will just hire some different scientists to tell them what they want to hear. But hey, that’s showbiz baby!

We asked Nolan if The Darth Knight script was ready to go.

It’s not complete but we’ve got an outline . Basically with Batman retired Gotham is left without a hero. Darth Vader’s Tie-Fighter crash lands into Wayne manor, he finds the cave and decides to use his equipment to take over Gotham but when the Joker is released from Arkham and inadvertently kills the waitress Darth has the hots for; he decides to become Gotham’s saviour and it all ends with an epic lightsaber battle between Vader and The Joker.

Well there you have it. Two epic sagas in one so prepare yourselves for the avalanche of frothing fan boys soiling their boxer shorts and muddying the message boards. 

The Darth Knight will be released in 2015.
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